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  • manon

    Reading the bible for me was therapeutic and healing after leaving the WTBTS. I would have never found the understanding I have today had not been for reading scriptures my views on the society became clearer my views of history became open. I truly understood why I had made certain choices in my life.

    I don't know if the book is of divine inspiration, probably not but for me it is a book of wisdom and history and I truly appreciate it as a literary work of art. I particularly place the book of the Psalms amongst the most magnificent priceless masterpieces ever written.

  • gumby

    Hey Razorblade. Nice topic.

    I like yourself could memorize scriptures with the best. I was good at it. When I left the dubs and attended a baptist church for 3 years, and 4 years prior to that I attended BSF ( bible study fellowship).

    When I did the latter I learned...but couldn't remember scriptures anymore. I knew what the bible said but didn't know where. Orthodox christianity and others, use DIFFERENT scriptures than the dubs do.

    The dubs use them to defend their peculier beliefs. Christians at least present the overall message of the bible and tell what salvation rests in.

    After coming to this forum I listened to people and WHY they doubted the bible. I got mad at first and defended it. Then I began to ask questions here and I got many refrences offered to me to check out. I did. WOW ! Learning what I did was almost as tramatic as how I felt when I realized the dubs were NOT the truth. I was mad, hurt, lost, and depressed. Now I feel OK.

    (wife just said dinners ready....gotta go.)


  • nowisee

    hi rayzor,

    i have been thinking about your questions all day wondering how to respond. so i guess i will just answer your questions as honestly as i can..... i don't want to be preachy - been there, done that. but you did ask and so this is where im at.

    for me it is not a matter of still believing the bible, because for 26 years (or so) i had shelved the bible completely. i thought it was just too confusing or i was just too stupid to make any sense of it. events over the last couple of years caused me to reach for it in desperation and i began to open my mind to it really for the first time i think. my faith had really been totally shipwrecked and i was godless, and for all intents and purposes "hopeless". one point not too long ago i began to search again, and tried to the best of my ability to begin reading without looking through the lens of the wts. what i discovered as i read and prayed was a loving Savior, Eternal Father, who wants to put His arms around each one of us, if only we will allow Him. salvation by grace, a free gift for ANYone who will receive it. nothing we can do to earn it, just take it. just believe.

    yes i had moved away - about as far away as you can get in various ungodly behaviors and not sure if you caught it on another thread, but i was led into "the new age" pretty deeply, owning my own bookstore, running psychic fairs, exploring all kinds of beliefs and practices, attending wiccan circles, etc. my experiences with the new age were thoroughly disillusioning and i soon discovered that they had no real answers, just ideas that would produce some illusory and usually very temporary comfort for some....and not surprisingly, as in so many things of this world, was largely about power and making money for a select few.

    i now have come to believe again that the bible is indeed inspired, though the message of it is not what the wts taught. it is really ALL about the Savior and his love for us. what convinces me is that it was written over l600 years by 40 people in 3 languages, covering many many subjects and details, but the theme is consistent: the redemption of humankind by the Christ. hundreds of OT prophecies were fulfilled in the Christ - to me it does not make sense that this was just coincidence. the apostles and early christians gladly went to their deaths defending the resurrection of the Lord. it does not make sense to me that they would have done this willingly without reason, considering, especially that someone like paul was a former persecuter of christians...

    do i want to debate.... well not really, i would be willing to defend as much as i possibly can but i do now consider myself to be a spiritual babe, just beginning to learn to "walk" again. i would just urge everyone to make this same search...., you might be really surprised at what you would find. and i would be inclined to point towards others on this forum who are much more eloquent and versed than i am.

    i do affirm what goofy said, that the whole obligation is summed up in Love, and God is Love.

    my love to you, rayzorblade. you are very special to me.


  • Azalo

    i do not believe in the bible but i feel i can debate with most people about what it says, even if i dont believe it. to me its just a great piece of literature.

  • hooberus
    larc said: hey hoo, I find your remarks to be condescending, insensitive, and unchristion. Since you were never one of us, you have no idea what we went through, before, during, or after our experience. We did not swing in one direction from one extreme to another. We desperately made an extreme effort in a search for truth. We, in our own way, found what was true for us. While you may not agree with what any one of us concluded, you should not doubt our sincerity in our attempt to find the truth. To say that we initially lacked a believe or faith in God is an insult to us. Shame on you, for your view of us!

    Larc, I my remarks were never meant to describe every ex-jw here. I said: I have never been a JW, but I think that many ex-jws here did seem to chuck the Bible in the trash, when they chucked the "Bible Society" (WBTS). It makes me wonder if they really had faith in God and the Bible to begin with, or if their faith was more in "God's Organization". There seems to be a pendilum swing reaction with some here in that when they rejected the Society and found out that they had been lied to, they then went to the opposite side and embraced doctrines opposed to scripture such as evolution, atheism, liberalism, etc. Perhaps they should have given the scripture more of a chance, as well as learned what historic Christianity has taught about things such as a relationship with Christ, before they threw the baby out with the bath-water.

  • hooberus
    El Kabong said: Hooberus comments are typical for the fundie christians. These people have never, ever, been JW's and, as Larc said, never went through what we went through.

    Yes El Kabong, I realize this. That is why my post started with the phrase "I have never been a JW,"

    El Kabong said: After I left the witnesses, I had my stint with the born again fundies. Let me tell you, they are JUST AS BAD as the witnesses.

    El Kabong you are now lumping all born again fundies into the same category as those who treated you poorly. I am a born again fundie and I have friends including active JWs, witches, Islamic, etc. I am kind to them as well as respectful of their beliefs (although I disagree with some of their beliefs.) There are loving gospel preaching churchs as well as unloving ones. Perhaps rather than throwing them all out because of your unfortunate experience you should pray and ask God to give you some loving Christian friends.

  • gitasatsangha

    How many of you still believe in the bible?

    I don't "believe" in books per se. If they help you become a better person, then there is some worth in them. But a book is just a tool, like a hammer or a computer. The bible is scripture to me, along with a great deal of other literature, but it is not infallable.

    How many of you have moved away from it?
    I suppose so, yes. One day I will read it again, I am sure.

    How many of you, cannot debate scripture/doctrine? (post-JW)
    There is no point in debating doctrine. Two people dissareeing on an esoteric matter, trying to convince each other that their point of view is the right one, is one of the silliest, most worthless of endeavours.

    How many of you, still actively hold the bible as divinely inspired?

    I take the monist viewpoint. It is inspired, yes, but to a degree so is The Amazing Spiderman. Some books are more inspired then others. Your milage may vary .

  • topanga

    take it with a grain of salt, i always think its not about anglo saxon americans but people that live thousands of years ago in the middle east.

    when i read matthews last days prophecy the only place i see all of that actually happening in full detail is in the middle east.

    i don't know if it applies to us at all or which part is for our time.

    books are missing have been removed and scripture changed to fit religious orgs purposes.

    i just dont know.

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