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  • onacruse

    I finally got over my mad, and did another search. I wasn't able to find anything, in writing, that overtly discouraged JWs from having children.

    *** w99 10/1 p. 10 "For Everything There Is an Appointed Time" ***


    Additionally, some married couples have refrained from having children in order to be freer to carry on their service to God. This has meant sacrifice on their part, and Jehovah will reward them accordingly. Incidentally, whereas the Bible encourages singleness for the sake of the good news, it makes no direct comment on remaining childless for the same reason. (Matthew 19:10-12; 1 Corinthians 7:38; compare Matthew 24:19 and Luke 23:28-30.) Thus, married couples must make their own decision on the basis of personal circumstances and their own conscientious feelings. Whatever that decision may be, married couples are not to be criticized.

    *** w88 3/1 p. 21 Childbearing Among God’s People ***


    For Christians in Judea and Jerusalem, the need to "keep on the watch" was particularly imperative. When Jesus gave warning of the second destruction of Jerusalem, he stated: "Woe to the pregnant women and those suckling a baby in those days!" (Matthew 24:19) True, Jesus did not tell first-century Christians that they should refrain from having children. He simply made a prophetic statement of fact, indicating that when the signal of Jerusalem’s imminent destruction appeared, quick flight would be more difficult for pregnant women or those with young children. (Luke 19:41-44; 21:20-23) Nevertheless, as unrest grew among the Jews in Judea during the years preceding 66 C.E., doubtless Jesus’ warning came to the minds of Christians and influenced their attitude toward bringing children into the world in those troubled times.

    *** w75 3/1 p. 158 Questions from Readers ***

    At the same time, neither Jesus nor his apostles urged childlessness upon married Christians. What Jesus said at Matthew 24:19 was simply a prophetic statement of fact—not to urge first-century Christians to avoid having children, but for them not to delay flight from the doomed city when the sign of her destruction was seen. Much closer to the time of that destruction, the apostle Paul was still encouraging passionate "younger widows to marry, to bear children."—1 Tim. 5:11-14.

    *** w72 2/15 p. 108 Learning from the Great Teacher ***


    Some of these married persons have no children; others do. Does having children make those who are parents any less true disciples of the Great Teacher than single persons or married persons without children? Not at all. As we have seen, Jesus, personally and through his apostle Paul, showed that singleness had a certain advantage over marriage for the Christian. On the other hand, for married persons Jesus left the matter of having children entirely up to them, with no urging in one direction or the other.

    The (apparent) lack of of a specific statement in a Watchtower doesn't mean that that general sentiment isn't cultivated by WTS reps and subliminally inculcated in every possible way.

    Perhaps yet another example of "But we never actually said that."


  • greven

    Aparently my parents were 'spiritually weak':

    They married in 1975 and wanted to have children right away. On top of that: In the event they died they had it written in their will that I were to be raised by my aunt and uncle (not JW's)! Eventhough I am inactive I am still welcomed with unconditional love and my opinions valued.

    I feel very greatful for that. I that is also the reason why I try so hard to make them see this religion is a snare and a racket.


  • SpiceItUp


    (((((((Hugs to everyone))))))

    Some of these brought tears to my eyes. I read on almost reliving how cold-hearted my father was/is to me. My mother I still have hope for her. She was, is and always has been a very warm person which is probably why I turned out a bit better that I should have. I work on her everyday in the hopes that she can break her chains as well.

    When I think of my father one example comes to mind. I remember me and him in an argument over something and I was clearly upset and was crying. All my father could do was look at me and say "why do you have to get so emotional". This must have happened when I was 13 or 14 and I remember it so clearly because of the impact it had. I vowed never to be like that to my children but I have noticed that sometimes I have a tendency to become unattached. But knowing this I have the ability to overcome it and be a loving and great parent when the time is right.

  • rocketman

    Onacruse, good job with the quotes - I was abit surprised by the one from the 50s, it actually shows some thoughtfulness.

    But, it makes one wonder why thay have to tell their people this stuff in the first place. They create a mind-set, then have to print stuff like that because people get into that nutty frame of mind. Should they wonder why? They are the ones who create it. Their religion creates people who think absurdly. Hence, they then have to write stuff like 'married couples are not to be criticized' for having kids. Yeah, sure, well, who are the only people known to critcize the normal act of having kids? Members of Jehovah's Witnesses, that's who.

  • anti-absolutist


    Since you were still in the womb, who was guilty of repeating what your mother said? Also, just proves to me once again that most witnesses have no understanding or experience in expressing UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!!!!


    Very interesting point. I never really thought of it exactly like that but it does make sense why my friends, outside of the borg, always seem closer to their parents than the ones in.

    Unfortunately, for myself, I can relate to most of what everybody has said here!!!


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