Is God out there?

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  • digderidoo

    I have left the org for many years now. Sometimes i think Jehovah is there, sometimes i think there cannot be a God for all the suffering that we see happening in this world.

    Just lately i have been wondering if God really exists, is the bible his word or is it all just a load of b*****ks. I have looked into other religions, Buddhism for instance, I believe we are spiritual, but is there a need for a god? If we accept there is a God do we have to accept there are rules and regulations we must adhere to, like we did in the WTBTS?

    Do other Christian religions have it right, for instance i here about born again christians, who do not accept an organised religion, but have room for debate within their beliefs. By accepting the God of the bible are we saying millions of others are wrong, who adhere to another belief system?

    Anyway just thinking out loud, but wondering what others thought.


  • greven

    Well, The internet is THE tool to educate yourself on the various views people have on this subject.

    Do a search on Atheism, Gnosticism, Creationism etc etc. Make sure you study all sides of the issue and do not be afraid to form your own opinion. To get you started some of my favorite links (can you guess what my view is?) :





    Good luck on your search for truth!


  • garybuss

    Is there a god? or not a god? and how would either change anything real?

  • greven

    To be or not to be, that is the question.....LOL


  • Shakita

    If God is out there, he is sure is doing a good job at hiding from his responsibilties.

    Some interesting stuff here on humanism. It is a long read but worth the time.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • JT

    Mobile/PDA | Print Edition | Text Version
    23 JULY 1997
    Home: Archives: Religion

    WASHINGTON, DC—The six-millennia-old sky-father deity Yahweh, worshiped by Christians, Muslims and Jews alike for His alleged all-knowing compassion and vast benevolence toward humanity, refused comment following Monday's announcement that the U.S. Justice Department will investigate allegations of failure on His part to provide for His approximately 3.5 billion human followers.

    The Lord (above) is the subject of a massive U.S. Justice Department inquisition.

    According to Justice Department officials, on more than 70 trillion documented occasions, the Lord has failed to provide for dutiful worshippers, allowing them to go without Providence in times of great need and showing little if any of the celebrated deity's much-touted "boundless love."

    The list of Justice Department allegations ranges from the mundane, such as the Lord's reported September 1995 refusal to see to it that Terre Haute, IN, Presbyterian Joyce Halstrom receives a new set of drapes for her anniversary, to the catastrophic, such as last year's Mexico City earthquake, in which God allowed an estimated 150,000 devout Catholics to be crushed to death under tons of debris.

    "These are very serious charges," U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno said. "I can assure you that our department will investigate them fully."

    The allegations directly contradict over 6,000 years of extravagant claims by the Lord's prophets of "miracle" cures and other forms of all-encompassing heavenly grace.

    Immediately following the Justice Department announcement, many of the Lord's top earthly representatives fled into hiding, including Pope John Paul II, New York's Cardinal O'Connor, and Rabbi Menachem Schindler, president of the World Orthodox Jewish Congress.

    In Rome, an unruly mob surrounded the Panamanian Embassy, where many believe the Pope is currently hiding out and seeking asylum. These reports, however, remain unsubstantiated as of press time.

    The Lord did not respond to a federal subpoena ordering him to appear before the investigative commission, and refused to speak to reporters on this or any subject throughout the week.

    Efforts on the part of law-enforcement authorities to contact the alleged supreme being via the intercessionary medium of prayer have been equally unsuccessful.

    One of the areas in which the Lord has been the most negligent, the Justice Department claims, is in providing His followers with adequate access to education: Fundamentalist Christians remain, after thousands of years, among the least educated groups in the world, ranking below pro-wrestling enthusiasts and carnival workers.

    Claims of an eternal "life after death" also remain unconfirmed by deceased believers from around the globe.

    "It's sad to think of the abusive treatment people have received at the hands of their so-called protector," U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) said, "especially when you think about all those countless hours they spent in houses of worship rejoicing and loudly bearing thanks and praise."

    The senator noted that, with over 450,000 hymns and songs written about Him, the Lord ranks among the most praised entities ever.

    If the charges prove true, the Lord could face up to 3,100 years in jail and/or fines totalling $50 trillion. He would also be forced to return all gratitude and thanks paid to Him by followers, backdated to the dawn of civilization.

    Despite the seriousness of the charges, many believers remain loyal to the embattled deity. "I know it seems like the worst thing ever," said Lynette Maddox, a Flatwoods, KY, manicurist and mother of nine, "but we just have to trust that it's all part of God's plan."

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  • JT

    The Wt explains how this is fair treatment of folks:

    *** w69 3/15 191 Questions from Readers *** As a punishment for this sin Jehovah brought three days of pestilence that killed 70,000 Israelites. (2 Sam. 24:12-16) Was that unjust? Were 70,000 innocent people dying for the king’s error? The Bible plainly shows that we all are sinners deserving of death; it is only by God’s undeserved kindness that we live. (Rom. 3:23; 6:23; Lam. 3:22, 23) So those who died had no special “right” to life. Additionally, can any human today say for sure that those 70,000 were not guilty of some serious sin not mentioned in the historical record?

    *** Rbi8 2 Samuel 24:17 *** 17 And David proceeded to say to Jehovah, when he saw the angel that was striking the people down, yes, he proceeded to say: “Here it is I that have sinned and it is I that have done wrong; but these sheep—what have they done? Let your hand, please, come upon me and upon the house of my father.”

  • dedalus


    That 1969 Watchtower is outrageous! No one deserves to live, so it's okay for Jehovah to kill anybody, everybody. What a loving God. Good thing he's only make-believe!

    Dedalus, emoticon class

  • JT

    repost from my favorite guy --

    Human Misery For Dum*ies

  • Bona Dea
    Bona Dea

    I guess somewhere along the way
    He must have let us all out to play
    Turned his back and all God's children
    Crept out the back door ~ Praying for Time: George Michael

    If the God of the bible is real, then Heaven help us. I used to reason that the God of the Bible could not be the God because of the atrocious things he did and the sadistic, misogynistic way that he is. Then I thought of my biological father. I pictured him in deity form...trying to convince a world of his creation that he was perfect, although he knows he isn't...and although it is just a matter of time until his creation figures this out. My father is a abusive drunk. He beat his own parents, my mom, and abused me and my sister. As much as I dislike the things my father has done, nothing can change the fact that he is my father. And just because God did all kinds of horrible things doesn't automatically discharge him from being creator. He could be delusional. What if he is really insane? It wouldn't matter one way or the other whether we liked it or not. We would be stuck with a crazy, sadistic God. And that my friend is really a scary thought!

    The links that Greven gave are awesome. But do research everything you can. Chances are you will learn, as most of here have, that the bible can be used as a tool to say anything that anyone wants it to say and, sadly, a clever device used to manipulate the masses - chocked with excuses to control and destroy any opposers. There are many other religions out there, with god's who aren't so unstable. And there is always the option of believing in a higher power, yet not adhering to any particular religion...or not believing in anything at all. Just be sure to make an informed decision, not based on any one person, organization, or group of shared thought. Best of luck...


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