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  • Gorbatchov

    What I noticed during the memorial is the over organised ritual aspect. For a non JW is must be hard to follow.

    For me, I noticed that during the memorial there is no attention for the historical Jesus and the historical events.

    It's all about the Kingdom arrangement with it's central point, the governing body of JW.

    Do you noticed this also?


  • St George of England
    St George of England

    The Memorial talk has changed out of all recognition. The Passover, Israelites leaving Egypt, Nisan 14, Jesus as a sacrificial lamb are not even mentioned any more.

    Of course the "Jonny come lately's" will not even notice!


  • FadeToBlack

    I always dislked this event. It just came across as you mentioned as a ritual. If I was ever going to invite someone to a meeting, the memorial would definetly NOT be it.

  • sir82

    Yeah, it's been that way for about 15-20 years now.

    Back in the olden days it was about the passover, the correspondency to Jesus, and gratitude for the sacrifice.

    Nowadays its all "here are reasons why YOU WORTHLESS SCUM shouldn't partake of the emblems." 30 minutes of boring detail on why YOU, yes YOU, PERSONALLY, RIGHT THERE IN ROW 3 WITH THE RED TIE, are hopelessly unworthy.

    It would be really depressing if I still cared anything about the religious aspect.

  • dozy

    I remember a visitor who came once to the Memorial who was something of a "bible scholar" and was visiting all the local churches as a research project . When I spoke to him afterward he admitted that he was somewhat baffled by the whole event , puzzled by the very limited emphasis on Jesus & much greater attention given to the Organisation and Jehovah and bewildered by the passing of the emblems without anyone partaking.

    What didn't help was that our congregation followed the Watchtower Societies direction to the letter in terms of sticking rigidly to the outline and having the contrived "pass the parcel" serving of the speaker and the servers.

    He said that basically it was a recruiting session designed to shame people into attending regularly. Needless to say , we never saw him again.

  • stillin

    Not much enthusiasm among the current elders. No zest for history. No amusing anecdotes. No thought-provoking factoids. No astronomical clarifications. They simply drone through the outline with the goal of finishing.

    Can't to hear The Special Talk!

  • waton
    I always dislked this event. It just came across as you mentioned as a ritual. If I was ever going to invite someone to a meeting, the memorial would definetly NOT be it.

    FTB, I know an old dedicated missionary that would never invite an interested "study" to the memorial as the first meeting, it would disillusion them. It is not proper worship. It could even spoil the polish springtime.

    Even more so if the talk is delivered by a pompous, peacock type personality.

  • Gorbatchov

    You say it, and I noticed it also: the elders did the job totaly on routine. They did not act from their hart. Rushing the welcome, reading the script and rushing the end message.

    I think: the elders don't believe it for them selve anymore.

    And yes, the songs have strange lyrics.

    It has become an empty shell!


  • Finkelstein

    It seems the WTS via its GB members have drawn up much more attention toward themselves than ever in the history of the JWS, lessening Biblical theology and more pressing toward showing loyalty to them.

    I really do think the GB are getting a little weary of being defrauded by the previous controllers of this organization.

    They might be subconsciously aware of being false prophets or designating leaders of false prophets.

  • pale.emperor

    Looking back im ashamed to say i just went along with the ritual of passing the emblems, not really thinking about it. Now, looking back, it's clear that the scriptures direct every follower of Christ to partake. Instead we all just passed it along, waiting for my turn to pass it, feeling a little bit nervous in case i drop it, keeping a look out to see if anyone will eat/drink. No one ever did in my hall.

    Which makes me think, why even go if you're not partaking? If it's only for a select few then only they should turn up.

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