Did Jesus use real wine or grape juice at the last supper?

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  • heathen

    I'm still going with wine myself . The apostle paul gave instructions on how to observe the evening meal and there he warns that those that wish to partake must not have eaten or drank anything prior to.1corinthians 11:21 mentions people who would show up drunk. Last I checked you can't get drunk on grape juice.

  • DJ

    Hi robotnomore,

    I have come across a lot of Chritians who believe that alcohol is wrong and that when the bible speaks of wine.....they believe that it is grape juice. The truth is that the bible uses the term "fruit of the vine" in Greek. Therefore it could be either. I personally believe that the bible is speaking of wine. Paul addresses this issue in Romans. He said that he would not eat or drink anything that could cause his brother to stumble. To him, it wasn't wrong to drink wine...(not to the degree of drunkeness) but if in doing so, he could possibly stumble a brother who was weaker in the faith......then he would abstain as not to cause a stumbling. It is again just love here. I had someone tell me once that they choose not to drink because they might possibly stumble someone who is an alcoholic and it would tempt him. Makes sense to me. Paul says that if we have faith in such matters then we should have it before God and not cause a person to stumble. The same goes for celebrating holidays or observing the sabbath's. Roman's is very clear about these types of issues. It is not 'division' as the jw's teach if one person feels one way about something and another feels a bit differently. These things are not what matter, in reality. It's clear that the things that the dubs think are divisions are not what the bible is speaking of. My mom is a jw and has a rather annoyed attitude with one of her son-in-laws because he is opposed to alcohol since becoming a Christian. She would rather argue the topic with him than try to understand that it is HIS conviction and perhaps it would be kind to respect that. Clearly the witnesses don't 'get' the entire book of Romans.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Real wine, but He didn't drink it Himself.

    And he took a cup, and when he had given thanks he said, "Take this, and divide it among yourselves......."

    Unlike us, who consider that sharing is where it's at - sacrifice was where He's at.

    He thanked God for the bread and said, 'This is my body, but here, you have it'. "And this wine, it's my blood, but here, you have it." "Sacrifice what is yours for each other - remember me when you do this".

    It can be a pretty basic thing.

    And that "drugged wine" thing - what is that? a jw thing?


  • Loris

    Grapes are harvested in the fall. Jesus' death was in the spring. Welches did not have bottling plants in the middle East in 33 CE. Juice from grapes that had been sitting around for 6 months was wine. There was no way to keep juice fresh and unfermented at that time. Simple deduction dear Watson. When the scriptures mention wine they meant wine.


  • Robotnomore

    I appreciate everyones viewpoint on this. Its interesting to see. It looks like most lean towards it being real wine.

    The article that Jgnat posted is very interesting. It brought up the point that the Jewish people were not allowed to have anything that was fermented or leavened in their homes at the time of Passover. So that would seem to rule out it being real wine.

    Was the WT wrong about this too? You would think that they could at least get the Memorial right! NOT......

  • gitasatsangha

    I may be wrong on this, but I don't believe wine or beer for that matter, was considered fermented, in the same way that bread was considered fermented. don't really know why i'm on this topic. christianity is so much hair-splitting.

  • heathen

    Well it says sour wine not drugged wine in the NWT. I think the WT does say something like it was drugged .

  • tyydyy

    Wine is a drug! Jesus was a drug user. Even if you say he didn't drink it, he manufactured and distributed it. And don't tell me that those people at the wedding were just drinking wine because they needed something to wash down the bread. Those people were getting high and Jesus supplied the good drugs.

    (What I say is true but not serious)


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