Did Jesus use real wine or grape juice at the last supper?

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  • Robotnomore

    I was talking to a friend and they said that Jesus didn't use real wine because he would not put any alcohol in his body. She said that when Jesus was hanging on the cross and they offered him the pain killer and he refused proves that he wouldn't take alcohol. What do you think?

    So in their Communion at their church they use grape juice instead of wine. Do you think it matters if they use wine like it says in the bible or grape juice?

  • Valis

    um...*LOL* do you really think Jebus went to the wedding and turned all that water into wine and then didn't drink any?*LOL* If he did he probably would be considered a rude guest...so much for perfection...

    Here's some interpretation of what it was he could have been given...apparently not wine, but a mixture of things..ick! I don't endorse this web page, its just one I ran accross and thought it might add something to your thread.


    District Overbeer

  • Sargon


    Sounds like the parishioners in your friends religion are getting ripped off. The church is probably just to cheap to fork out for the real stuff. I have it on good authority that Jesus was/is partial to good old Niagara-on-the-lake vintages.

  • berylblue

    What a coincidence. I was at the bar with Jesus just last night; he likes a nice Merlot....


    Elvis was there, too.

  • manon

    Jesus was a gifted wine maker. I doubt very much that during his last supper he would skimp on the real thing and substitute it for cool aid.

  • searchfothetruth

    It was the drugs in the wine that Jesus refused, not the wine itself. The drugs would have dulled his senses and he needed all his wits about him in his final hours...allegedly

  • heathen

    My take on this is , Yes he used real wine at the last supper and no he didn't drink the drugged wine that the centurian offered him. I mean he didn't just change water into ordinary wine either but into the finest wine .I think the roman soldier got a little angry when jesus was refusing the drugged wine and was yelling out in pain so eventually took the spear and ran it thru his abdomen thus killing him .

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    It's a little known fact that Welch's translated into Hebrew is Jesus and that Jesus died with a grape juice moustache.

  • gitasatsangha

    If a grape harvest is good enough quality for the grapes to have sufficient sugar in them, and if left of their own accord, wine is a given. The reason is that naturally occuring wild yeasts are on the skin of the grapes anyway. Modern winemakers take good care of the grapes in the winemaking process to make certain none of these spruious yeasts make it into the process, because they have cultivated specific yeast strains that produce better wine. The ancients didn't have this option because they did not fully understand yeasts importance to wine. What they DID know was that grapes were the easiest thing to get alcoholic. They would do it on their own in many cases, so wine became the drink of choice for many. Wine could be kept in amphoras covered with seals of wax or clay, with the assurance it could be kept for some time. Grape juice, even if it had been possible, would have spoiled too fast.

    So Jesus was in a wine drinking world. Grape juice was just wine that hadn't finished yet.

  • jgnat

    Here is another argument for grape juice:


    Inquiring minds want to know. That lovely red, naturally fermented, unadulterated wine that is passed around; what happens to it after the show is over? Is it poured down the drain? Do the Ministerial Servants "dispose" of the evidence after everybody leaves?

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