Seems like the perfect holiday for j-dubs

by rebel8 7 Replies latest jw friends

  • rebel8

    If this article is correct, (American) Thanksgiving's origins have several things j-dubs love.

    • the xian God
    • genocide of nonbelievers that included men, women and children alike
    • gloating over the genocide of nonbelievers
    • historical revisionism
    • praying before a meal

    I wonder why they object to it so much.

  • OneEyedJoe
    Just one problem - it might let them have some small connection with non-JWs. Gotta keep the virtual cult compound walls in place!
  • millie210

    Perhaps because they didnt think of it first?

    Cant control people with it?

    Cant market it?

    Any of the above?

  • 3rdgen

    I agree that the WTBT$ prohibits Thanksgiving in order to keep the RandF separate from their "worldly" families. Even though the excuse they officially give is that it is a political US holiday.

    It is ironic that when most or all of a particular family are JWs they DO get together, give thanks and eat turkey that weekend. Instead of Thursday it is usually on Fri or Sat. Now that hubby and I have faded we are no longer invited to the family psudo-Thanksgiving. I would be lying if I didn't admit I miss the fun I used to have with them.

  • LisaRose
    Yes, giving thanks, spending time with family, eating turkey, it's just so evil, isn't it? They reject for no reason other than that's what everyone else does. But eating turkey with family is fine on any other day of the year, go figure.
  • WireRider

    I think you can tie every single day of the year to some pagan holiday or some such thing. I think in 2015 people need to get over the past. No one has fun and celebrates holidays based on evil things. Thanksgiving is a few days off of work, families get together, celebrate the harvest season and the end of a long work year in the fields. Modern adults and children are celebrating the harvest and a coming together of the pilgrims and Indians - that's all they know, that's all their intentions are, that is all they are celebrating, they are celebrating family time. Let them have it.

    They are not celebrating any evil thing. Let it go.

    I'm sure Feb 5 happens to fall on some dooms day reference to some pagan ritual 2000 years ago. So what? It's Billies birthday. So what? Stop penalizing him. Celebrating Billie's birthday is not worshiping the devil or some pagan rite because of the date.

    It's Thanksgiving in the 20th century. Don't mess with it.

    I don't believe the WT blacks out holidays because of stupid superstitions - they black out holidays to control the herd in control and keep them away from real people.

  • WireRider

    My daughter is back for Thanksgiving from her first year away at college. She is so pumped to see immediate and extended family. Don't %@^#^#% it up with some ancient crap from the past - that is not what we are celebrating. That goes for the WT too!

    I go huge on her birthday too.

  • rebel8

    I am surprised jws don't have a "looking forward to Armageddon and mass executions" holiday.

    They could have a parade like Day of the Dead, with participants dressing as various types of sinners (skinny pants wearers, windchime owners), good dubs (pushing literature carts), or already dead people.

    At the end of the parade, the sinners jump into a big crevice and the few good dubs end up at a petting zoo with giant fruit to eat, while the dead rise up off the ground.

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