Who was/is the promised Messiah ? Jesus or Immanuel

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  • RubaDub

    Immanuel is the Ebonics name for Jesus.

    Just to keep the matter straight.

    Rub a Dub

  • Steel

    Immanuel is used more as a title than an actual name meaning " god with us".

    Its like calling Steve Austin the rattlesnake. Sorry for the stupid wrestling analogy. Its all i could think of.

  • David_Jay

    Actually, "Immanuel" is often mistaken for a title by Fundamentalist and literalist Christians. It isn't (or at least it wasn't when it was written in Isaiah). It is just a Hebrew name, a common one at that.

    At Isaiah 8:8 the name "Immanuel" appears again, but this time meaning the people and land of Judah. It appears besides two other names, Shear-jashub and Maher-shalal-hash-baz, neither of which are titles either. All three names are used symbolically in Isaiah.

    The Protestant Reformer John Calvin was one who claimed that "Immanuel" has to be a title. He reasoned that since Isaiah 7:14 reads that the maiden names her child "Immanuel" that there must be something unique happening here. Calvin wrongly asserted that the Hebrew custom of name-giving was 'reserved to fathers,' and thus the text in Isaiah had to be talking about the mother doing something far different than giving an actual name.

    Calvin of course made this up. For instance, Genesis 29:31-30:24 has Rachel and Leah naming the children of Jacob, the very names of the tribes of Israel. But this wrong idea among many Christians has still never died away.

  • schnell

    Guys, guys, it's obviously the Kwisatz Haderach, Paul Muaddib.

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