Anybody have any success getting their records from the society?

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  • JT

    JT, isn't it funny how ironic that is?


    you are so correct it is amazing the way THE SYSTEM works---

    Question to JT or other ex-elders, So does the records of a JC stay in the hall that it happened at? Or if you move to another state, do they send the JC records to the new hall?

    they stay at the hall, but depending on where you move to it really doesn't matter, if the elders in the new hall are friends they will all too many times fill in the details anyway, esp if it is juicy

    Huh? Dog letter???? What's this?
    my old buddies and fellow elders told a couple of lies on us- you got to love friends like that ===smile
  • JT
    All the JC records stay at the cong. that did the judicial action......JT, I've got a ? for you. What about if they sent a CO in to make a special comm. remove you? Would any records be there at headquarters? I think so, in that case, esp. if you were the PO, like I

    of course, the mere fact that "they sent a CO in to make a special comm" means they know at least of you,

    my old bethel roomate works the Servce Desk at patterson and he oversees speical committes in his section of the USA and the commmitte reports back to him, all the info on you moves up the chain of command, everyone gets CC: many times on speical cases,

    Hey may you are in the Big Leagues if you can get your own Speical Committee - SMILE

  • Undecided

    Hi JT,

    I,m glad you got the envelope, I can't remember a thing it said about you and your wife. My mind is older than me I think. I almost threw the envelope that you sent me away, since it had been so long.

    Hope you are doing good these days.

    Ken P.

  • JT

    "Undecided" is the Man

    with the help of a fine man like "Undecided" he helped me pull it off, many thanks to this man

    just for those of you who don't know "Undecided" is from "Old School"

    he is one of those guys who can tell you about the "Good Ole Days" when getting 100 hours as a Pioneer was the Norm and buying that Chevy that would take you to Armegeddom was the talk of the day when one bought a new car

    Good to hear from you Undecided- a man after my own heart-

    if anyone wants to know how it was in the day, well he is one to talk to-- he got SOME WAR STORIES


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