Ozzie's Weekend Poll #44

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    They travel in pairs to gang up on the weak..They travel in pairs so they don`t get their ass kicked..They travel in pairs to cheer each other on..They travel in pairs cause it`s a friggin boreing job...OUTLAW

  • SheilaM

    Hmm all of the above LOL

  • Swan
    13. Other (please detail)

    Because they sent all of the sisters off together in the other car group!


  • Mulan

    #5 and #8

  • dottie

    2. So that one can be the prompter when the other forgets his lines.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    A) Its so that you are outnumbered, if one of them doesnt have a good answer, the other one will.

    B) Its so the org is protected, the two witness rule.they do this without even thinking. seeking an unfair advantage is something they do automatically.

  • MoeJoJoJo

    I remember once getting a shepherding call by only one elder. It was shortly after my husband and I were married and we had been put on the rotation list.

    This elder shows up and was acting very strange, like he was really nervous, very out-of-character for him. He talked for a few minutes about a Watchtower article then asked to use the phone. He uses the phone in the other room and after he was thru said he needed to get going. After he left, my husband and I just looked at each other and talked about how strange he acted and how he was only there for ten minutes.

    Maybe a month later, he was disfellowshipped along with a sister from the hall. They had been having frequent rendezvous. They ran off together, both leaving long-time marriages and adult children behind. This affair really affected the congregation and people in field service even brought it up - small town.

    We think that he may have been meeting up with the 'other woman' the day of our shepherding call, and used that as an excuse with his wife. lol

  • kelpie



    and 8

    I spent a lovely weekend in Wollongong celetrating my neice's 2nd birthday. it was a good weekend.

    I hope you all had a good one to..


  • pr_capone

    They will say its for the 2 witness rule bullshit but really it is to outnumber the person whom they are seeking out.

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • alfie

    The reason is #2(sort of)

    Going in pairs, as we all know, is practiced by all JW's so that when we are talking to a householder, they don't have time to figure out the gobbledygook that one witness uses before the other one hits them with another bit of "Truth". Elders use the same tactic on their visits so a publisher never has a chance to see which way the conversation is going, thereby becoming so confused, that before they know it,the elders have them tap dancing like crazy.



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