What Made You Decide To Finally Leave The Organization?

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  • James Jack
    James Jack

    I was reading a post and you mentioned that the Organization would ask publishers whose houses were repaired to send the Insurance money to them. That is so true! I organized groups to do relief work on a regular basis. We did work in Florida, Alabama, MS, LA. I asked a member of the RBC, what happens if the friends don't send in the money. He didn't have an answer. After Katrina, that happened. The Organization got hammered, many in that area had no Insurance. So that arrangement to repair homes was ended. Now, the only relief work is to cleanup( manual labor), and tarp roofs

  • Magnum

    Dagney: "I felt like I was on the outside looking in on the comments in the WT study. All of a sudden I felt like I didn't belong there"

    That is exactly how I began to feel. It was weird. I was sitting in the Hall with all the JWs, and I just no longer felt like one of them. It all seemed so different and I saw it all in a different way.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    As a JW I was a natural sceptic but I overlooked many of the inconsistencies (how generous of me!) and put them down to limited information and human error. For goodness sake that was a mistake-- if it comes from God it should be perfect hey?

    It took me four years from realizing all was not well with the JW religion to my final and sweet departure walking out of the middle of a meeting knowing I was at least mentally a free man. It cost me my marriage and the reason I am still here on this site is mainly because two of my three kids remain under the JW spell.

    Like many of you, it was not one thing but an accumulation of teachings and methods which did not chime with reason. I didn't feel that I was getting anywhere in my life, just routine meetings and WT talks for the brain-dead. I never believed in 1975, I didn't believe in 1914 as being marked by God and I didn't believe in a literal Devil. After reading a bit of philosophy and psychology I awoke to the realization that there was no God either.

    From that moment on the organisation appeared to me as an increasingly controlling, life-stealing cult and if there was a final straw it was to escape the saccharine mind-numbing language which the Watchtower uses to keep its victims in subservience. I wanted to shout them down from my seat but that would only make matters worse. I saw the uninformed brothers spouting the party line to get salvation at a never to arrive paradise and I felt sorry for them. The wretched talk of "Fine brothers and sisters who give up material gain to pioneer". Meaning how Big J will reward those who promote the WTBT Society! Fine spiritual rewards for those who love Big J", meaning you must have unthinking loyalty to the GB. Yuck! it was intolerable.

    Escaping was freedom at a price-- but it was worth it.

  • minimus

    I like facts . The facts are different than what the religion teaches. They simply make no sense.

  • Finkelstein

    Short answer to why I left, is the lies, ignorance and corruption orchestrated by the Watchtower Corporation.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I was going to write something, but OTWO told my story too.~ jp

    I could cut & paste OTWO's story, but this was shorter to do.

    Add too it seeing "prominent" elders skate on charges of fraud, theft, porn....... It' not just "who you know", it's "who you blow". If your nose is tight in the cracks of the CO's ass, you can get away with anything.

    "The difference between a brown nose and a shithead is depth perception."

  • JRK

    The "CliffsNotes" version: I went to college and I Googled.

    I was at a Christian university, working on my first degree. It was my first theology class called "New Testament Studies." My first paper that I was to write was to debunk the Trinity. I wrote the paper, and the next week I was called into the Dean's office. I was accused of plagiarism; actually plagiarism by proxy. I cited my works from the Watchtower publications, but THEY did not correctly cite their sources!

    I wouldn't make that mistake again, for my next paper, I researched "Jehovah's Witnesses" on a fairly new search engine that had a weird name. On Google I found out about the organization joining the UN as an NGO, and I was done.


  • OnTheWayOut
    The "CliffsNotes" version: I went to college and I Googled.

    They warned about that evil college and that evil internet. I guess they were right about that. LOL, NO.
    Good job.
  • Steel

    Sorry, never a JW here. Just married to one.

    My real WTF moment was researching that blood nonsense when my wife was pregnant and seeing watchtower documents citing planned parenthood rulings about women's rights overuling fetal rights.

    I always knew they were anti Christian to a certain point but making an alliance with baby killing assholes was just too much.

  • Brian J
    Brian J

    Someone asked me the question:

    "Can you tell me of another religion or religious group where you as a member can loose your entire family and social network due to you expressing thoughts in your head that once heard are not accepted by others in your religion?"

    .....pardon, waiter!...check please.....

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