Dramatic Good-byes

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  • anglise

    Dub training and conditioning comes into play here.

    IMHO it comes from the time in Jdub land when we always had to have a good reason and/or justify everything we did. Either to ourselves(conscience) or to the local gestapo(elders). This takes a lot of getting over and I think many here find they still need to tell everyone what they are doing and why.


  • mattnoel

    I have wondered that also ! Why would be be placed under a guilt trip - if anything this forum has helped people, bar the few A**holes who come in to try and wreck peoples lives, it certainly helped me with my leaving and now I have kinda got used to checking it like I check my mail but when the time comes for me to leave, thatll be it, I will say my goodbyes, stay in touch with the friends I have made and thats it. After all, I have a life outside the forum as most of you all do so a simple message saying goodbye and good luck all I feel will be more sufficient.

  • mattnoel

    Ah, just realised we are referring to the above "self righteous" post that the forum is going to be a stumbling block between him and god. Well good luck to him is what I say, seems a bit clear from the comments that he rather than us is still a J-Dubblya. With regards to the junk on here, yeah there is some bits that dont personally appeal to me, so I dont read 'em, on a whole I enjoy reading peoples comments and chatting, theres some great people here........besides the net is full of junk and I bit he will sit there for hours on end looking at that !

  • joannadandy

    Swan, excellent question. I have thought about it many times myself and never come to a conclusion, especially since most of them aren't saying goodbye to collect final e-mail address or anything, but to whine and complain about how rough they have it and no one understands them.

    Oh well, it just makes it especially funny when they come back a few weeks later...

  • JamesThomas

    It's called "Emotional Vampirism". Hoping to motivate people into emotional pleas of sympathy, so that you can milk it for all it's worth. It's a self-esteem thing, and probably a cry for help and attention. We probably all do it to some degree or another. JamesT

  • bikerchic

    ...........Whew Tammy!

    I thought you were doing an "exit" when I first saw the thread, and on the day I'll finally get to meet you at the Meet Up. I was so relieved to know it's not so!

    See you in an hour or so!

    Katie (of the non drama queen class)

  • Prisca

    More often than not, they are back within a week or so, so that's why I never bother responding to the "Farewell and Goodbye" type threads.

    Sometimes I think it's because of some need for attention - there are the drama queens (male and female) who seem to like causing drama in their lives, and if other forms of attention-seeking don't work, then they'll make a dramatic exit, trying to milk our emotions for all it's worth.

    As someone said earlier, it's a form of emotional blackmail ("show me your love, or you're a horrible, cruel person"), and I don't buy into it.

  • DanTheMan

    Yeah, the "goodbye everybody" threads do get annoying. To each his own I guess.

  • Brummie

    I cant see why people have to slam the majority or any of the board when they leave, I can understand people feeling the need to take a break and post a "thank you" to all who have helped. I got to the stage were I was coming here even when my family were at home and should have been spending that time with them. It gave me a bad conscience for feeling so addicted so I needed to cut down for a couple of months. I was backwithin 2 weeks lol. However I worked out a different plan of action and simply dont come here when my family is in. It was quite a brain wave fer me being the slow thinker that I am.

    To anyone who feels they have to slam, its just a matter of true colours being displayed. Better they go huh.


  • nowisee

    well, don't worry, I'LL never say goodbye.....

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