Boss comes to aid of shunned worker

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    On my wife's job, she is one of about 10 JW's employed there. Recently one of them found out the assistant manager (who never told anyone she was ever a JW) was raised a JW and has been disfellowshipped for the last 10 years. Needless to say this news spread quickly amongst the JW's there, and of course they all started shunning this person. They all stooped speaking to Jane (not her real name) instead would walk right by her as if she wasn't there. If they had work issues to discuss they would go to another manager so as to avoid even work contact with her.

    The boss there over the years had taking a special liking to the JW's, giving them privileges and favors because he admired their moral lifestyle and their dedication to helping others to learn about the bible. He would even give them time off with pay to go to assemblies and conventions. He would bend the rules and allow them to bring their kids to work on days where there was no school, and even let them witness to others on the job. Well, recently that all ended suddenly. He has done a complete 180 and is now extra strict with JW's making sure they follow every rule to the letter. He posted signs warning all employee's there is to be no proselytising at the work place.

    My wife said 'he used to be so nice' he would usually give her a nice warm greeting, often commend her on how well she dresses, joke around with her. But lately, she said he would hardly even say good morning. As she began to talk to the other JW's there, she found that she was not alone, in fact all the JW's there had stories to tell of how they experienced this new rougher treatment. They were puzzled as to the complete change around in the boss' behavior. It took them about a week or so to put it together that the boss saw how they were treating Jane and was upset by it.

    My wife said those who follow Jehovah's laws will always be persecuted. I just had to smirk at that one. I however have mixed feelings about this whole situation. On the one hand I'm glad the JW's there got the same treatment they were dishing out. However it has impacted on my life financially. All those paid days off come in handy, not to mention not having to pay for child care every time schools are closed. But it won't change our lifestyle much, I guess it's good seeing the JW's get some 'come upins' even though it means tightening the financial belt a little.


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  • Swan


    Wow! That's quite a story. The interesting thing is that they don't see it as just desserts. They are not only being rude to Jane, they are actually going beyond their own disfellowshipping rules by avoiding her with business matters. There is a definite cause and effect going on here that is apparent to everyone but them. It's so sad.


  • Satanus

    That's interesting. Her boss must be very principled. If sharing a bit more information won't cause problems; of what religion is her boss? How large is the company, and what does it do?


  • DanTheMan

    Yeah, people's attitude tends to change once they get a glimpse of the darker side.

    The bizarre disfellowshipping/shunning policy and how it works out in the day-to-day lives of JW's is what I generally try to focus on when discussing JWism with people who have no direct experience with the cult.

    Crazy people in a crazy religion.

  • freedom96

    Another perfect example of how unloving the organization really is.

  • blondie

    I'm surprised at this not associating for business purposes. I've known elders to continue to do business with DF'd business partners and employees. I know of one sister who is a supervisor and trains and coordinates 20 employees. Three of the employees are DF'd JWs and she deals with them professionally just as she does the other 17. She just doesn't go to lunch or socialize with them. But then JWs are counseled to avoid that with non-JWs.


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  • gumby
    If they had work issues to discuss they would go to another manager so as to avoid even work contact with her.

    As has been mentioned.....they are not following the prceedures their OWN organisation promotes.

    This is the work place and the society is very clear on this issue. The only thing the dub employees are not do twards the assistant manager who is DFed, is socialize beyond work issues.

    The reason they are acting self rightous in this area is to put on a show for the other onlooking dubs. When they shun......thay have performed an act of rightous loyalty to Jehovah in the site of others and this makes them feel.....more worthy.

    If I was the manager I would get them all together and tell them..."the next person who treats "jane" this way is going down the frickin road and your ass will be sleeping under a bunch of self rightous sick bastards! ( actually I wouldn't....but I sure would like to )


  • Shakita


    The practice of shunning is so cruel. And you're right. The WT doesn't forbid talking to a business associate. However, the WT suggests that the business contact be kept to a minimum. For years, I knew of someone on my job that was disfellowshipped. I dutifully followed the WT's edict and shunned this person. Evidently, he was disfellowshipped almost twenty years ago for living with his girlfriend. When I found out about all the hypocrisy and unbearable pain caused by the WT's disfellowshipping policy, I began to say good morning to this employee. Why would God condemn me for showing common courtesy to another human being. I have also come to learn that many that aren't disfellowshipped are living double lives and getting away with it. So, the WT's stance on this issue is shown to be hypopcritical and unscriptural.

    What does the WT have to say about the scripture at Luke 7:38-50. Jesus was at the home of a Pharisee having dinner with Simon when a woman entered. the scripture says at verse 37: "And look! a WOMAN WHO WAS KNOWN IN THE CITY TO BE A SINNER learned that he was reclining at a meal in the house of a Pharisee, and she brought an alabaster case of perfumed oil, and, taking a position behind at his feet, she wept and started to wet his feet with her tears and she would wipe them off with the hair of her head. Also, she tenderly kissed his feet and greased them with perfumed oil."

    Simon was disgusted with this display and thought to himself, if this man were a prophet, he would know which sort of a person was, that she is a sinner. Then Jesus taught Simon a lesson in love and forgiveness. Jesus forgave her sins because as Jesus said: "because she loved much; but he who is forgiven little loves little." Jesus said to her: "Your sins are forgiven."

    The reason that the Watchtower are hypocrites when it comes to the issue of disfellowshipping is that even Jesus had contact with individuals that were practicing sin. There was no evidence that this woman had given up her sinful practices before entering the home of Simon. Yet Jesus did not reject her. He showed extraordinary love and kindness to her. So Watchtower, why is it that you reject the example of the one to whom you claim to put faith in? Following his example means that all Christians show love and kindness to all people because guess what, we are all sinners. That includes the hypocrites of the WT.

    Thanks for the story WTlies. I'm glad to hear that those staunch JW's are receiving their comeuppance, even though they are deluding themselves into thinking that they are being persecuted. By the way, that boss rocks!

    Mr. Shakita

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    Sad isn't it? I wonder if they look at it as retribution for their actions towards 'Jane' or persecution?

    JWs have a way of turning things into something it is not.

    What's good for the goose - and we know how the rest of that saying goes.

    A taste of their own medicine. There's a boss who is really and truly, on the ball.

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