Knight's of Columbus

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  • gumby

    Knights of ColumbusA fraternal organization for Catholic gentlemen .
  • bikerchic

    I say rules, what you want!

    It's much more arrogant to tell the bride and groom you couldn't attend due to their place of choice. Sheese they sent you an invitation and probably have a yummy chicken dinner for you to eat at the reception and a yummy slice of wedding cake as well, they've gone through a lot of expence so you could attend! Why put a damper on their parade?

    I say go!

    Katie (of the what's the big deal class.........gawd I'm glad I'm able to think for myself)

    OOPSIE! Just read your now my little banter doesn't make any sense.

    I hope your mother at least makes the reception it would be a shame to miss out on her grandchilds wedding celebration for a dumb confining religion.

    BTW Congrats to the Bride and Groom!

    Katie (getting off my soap box now.......)

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