Mum gave me a cross for my birthday

by Vivamus 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • Vivamus

    Oh Wow, you're all so sweet!!! Thank you all!

  • SheilaM

    Viv: Dang I thought you were Queen of the Northbut alas I guess not...wonderful Mum and Great beautiful necklace it looks great on you.

    And enjoy your Birhday !!!!!

  • outnfree

    So, Viv,

    your mother is giving you all these signs of no longer being a JW but hasn't actually DECLARED herself no longer a JW?

    Maybe that's your REAL birthday gift from her -- and the cross and party were just clues!

    I'm sure the way her apostate daughter lovingly cared for her mother recently has helped her to realize that you don't have to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses to be warm and loving and Christlike. (In fact, it's rather hard to BE a JW and be spontaneously warm and loving and Christlike!)

    Good on ya! And The Very Happiest of Birthdays to You, Viv!


  • BadJerry

    She's shocking us more and more each day V. It's a very nice necklace! I've been looking at them myself, while it is a symbol, it's also a statement and a reminder.

    from your fellow Aries, Imanaliento ( wish I could log on using my name)

    p.s hope you do well on the exam so you can have a Great Birthday monday.

  • Xandria

    Happy Birthday Viv.. your birthday is near the same as my sister's and she is the same age. April Birthdays...



  • Vivamus

    Thanx Sheila, but alas, I am no Queen...

    Out, now that would be something... Thanx for the birthday wishes.

    Imaliento, a fellow Aries! When is the big day?

    Xandria, happy birthday for your sister.


    Hey Viv,Thats a very nice necklace your mom gave you,I`m suprised it`s a cross...It`s unusuall for a dub to give a cross..Jesus dined on a steak.. (UNCLE BRUCE) .. ...OUTLAW

  • shera

    Heheh Outlaw

    Have a Happy Birthday Viv.

    (Sometimes it takes awhile before a JW can admit,the jw's are wrong.I did)

  • rocketman

    Happy birthday vivamus! really does seem like your mum is doing the 'ol fade.

  • BadJerry

    Hi Viv, it was March 28th. it was the first time in 12 years hearing birthday cheer. it felt GOOD.

    from Imanaliento

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