John Lewis: Trump isn't a legitimate president

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  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions


    But he is both legitimate president AND complete asshole at the same time!

  • Simon
    You may be right, definitely trying to hide something, but emails should be private to the recipient unless they want to make them public, which also may be another reason and less black and white like you suppose.

    No. She is a public servant and those emails should be available if required for any investigation.

    Nevermind that she put secrets at risk (which people are in prison for) but she also destroyed evidence (which people are in prison for).

    I said at the time that the only way for her to come out of things 'clean' would be to hand over the entire server which would include her private emails. She forfeit the right to privacy of those when she decided to mix her public work emails in with them.

  • baker

    When your teams looses in the playoffs and you are such a sore looser, you blame it on the refs or a deflated ball, or bad coaching, but it was never your teams fault, even if your team won more of the oh so popular yardage, but lost in the final score, just accept it and wait till next year(or 4 years) to try again.

  • baker

    Some of the representatives in our congress are beyond nuts, if you can listen to this guy that thinks Guam can tip over and sink from overpopulation. Just shows you, not all who win elections are intelligent .

  • bohm
    Plus, the complete absence of so many emails shows she is untrustworthy.

    I don't get this statement. You are saying we can only trust a political candidate who publishes all his or her email communication?

    That's not something I think ANY candidate has EVER done.

    Plus, despite 3 months of huff and puffing I have yet to see any seriously troubling emails. Someone passing her questions isn't exactly watergate...

    I have said it many times but I think there has been established an expectation of a double standard: If Hillary does not reveal all her emails communication we are supposed to faint. If Trump shit all over the minimal disclosure expected of all presidents (tax records) that's just how that is.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    I have yet to hear what a single one of those emails said that made Hillary Clinton look bad

    They show that they colluded with the DNC to "un-level" the playing field against Sanders (John Lewis and the CBC were involved in this by the looks of things). Apparently, Clinton thought she had the right to decide who the DNC candidate should be (her) and not the electorate.

    Which I consider to be pathetic but should that count towards electing Trump? The people most likely to be incensed about this were Bernie Sander's supporters. They may have hated Hillary's guts but they're not likely to have voted for Trump even as a protest vote.

    Also, the campaign was colluding with journalists to get questions in advance. And that she was calculating and giving a different message in private than her public position.

    Let's go through this thought experiment:

    You have a choice between electing Mussolini or Hillary. Should one justify what happens after Mussolini wins by saying that Hillary was a poor candidate? Would you consider Hillary anywhere near as bad as Trump? Who is the lesser of two evils? Mussolini (=Trump) or Hillary?

    Bottom line, they are not equal. Hillary was a mediocrity who would have kept the status quo; no change. Trump is nothing but desolation.

  • bohm
    Nevermind that she put secrets at risk (which people are in prison for) but she also destroyed evidence (which people are in prison for).

    Well that's awful. Fortunately, HRC will not be handling classified material anymore.

    But general Flynn will. Did you know he “inappropriately shared United States classified information with various foreign military officers and/or officials in Afghanistan.” according to an official report on the matter?

  • smiddy

    Who would have been a better candidate to go against Trump than Hillary Clinton ? Who should the Democrats have chosen against him ?

  • JeffT

    Smiddy: Bernie Sanders. It is clear that people wanted something different, Clinton was going to be more of the same. Trump was the outsider Republican, Bernie was the outsider Democrat. I think he would have beaten Trump.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Well any kind of hacking done by a foreign power on government officials to get information that can hurt them getting elected should be considered as a serious offence, and cast serious doubts on the legitimacy of his presidency.

    This might snow ball I'm hoping if not impeachment is just around the corner if Trump don't divest himself of all business interest. And give a full disclosure of funds and tax information to the American public as is only proper to avoid any conflict of interest in running the US government.

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