King of North Position-Filled

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I'm voting for Santa Claus.

    Ho Ho.

  • gsx1138

    Gawd, not this crap again.

    While you're at it why don't you reveal the true identity of the tooth fairy.

  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent
    If you go due north from the United States, you pass through Canada and there you have it - Russia. .... There is nothing North of Russia.

    If Russia is due north from the US, then is not the US due north of Russia? So rather than there being nothing north of Russia, there'd be Canada (oh...maybe you're right;) and the US.

    But in anycase, if you travel North from either place and pass the North Pole, do you not start travelling due south? Thus is not Russia North-South (kind of like North-West or South-East, but different in a funny sort of a way..) of the US and the US North-South of Russia too?

    Isn't this odd?

    Max - With my apologies to all Canadians for my little joke

    Edited becuase I realised that my initial idea that if you got from Russia to US by travelling North-South, then you'd travel South-North to get from the US to Russia was wrong. In fact you'd travel North-South from either location to the other. Really, it's just as well we've got east and west (and that they never meet) too.

  • proplog2


    You are confusing the objectives of war. There are wars where the objective is controlling a political space such as Iraq, Afghanistan, or Chechnya. That is only possible when the invader has overwhelming military superiority. But anytime you invade another country you only occupy the ground under your feet. As long as there are patriots they will inflict continuous casualties on the invaders guardposts.

    And then there are wars of anihilation. Russia and the USA both have the power to completely destroy each other.

    Your argument that SINCE the Russians have failed in their attempts at wars of occupation that THEREFORE they will fail at a war of anihilation is absurd. A war of occupation is a complicated project. A war of anihilation is simple - without any concerns about colateral damage.

  • proplog2


    I really enjoy my preoccupation with prophecy.

    It may be that prophecy is just a bunch of garbage. But I have yet to encounter anyone in any of the discussion groups who can come up with a better fit for our day than I have discussed.

    1. Babylon the Great = the united states.

    2. Wild beast that receives the death-stroke = Russia

    3. King of north, little horn, feet of clay/iron = Russia

    4. King of the south = USA

  • Mutz

    .......Bugger, I was hoping to apply for that position myself. Oh well I will just have to stick with being the antichrist (thanks mum).

  • Francois

    There are hardly any Russian targets "across the Bering Straight" at which we would be interested in shooting: lots of ice, some seals, a few primitive societies, stuff like that. Targets that would interest us would largely be in European Russia with the exception of Vladisvostok. Then we could blow their rusting ships right out of the water - with cherry bombs.


  • Joker10

    maybe the North King is the Islamic world


    Hey Joker10,maybe the King of the North,is the east?..LOL!...OUTLAW

  • Carmel

    Get a globe log! If you go north through Canada you'll be going south as you enter Russia! So da Krem is the "king o da south". Course you could head south and eventually be going north after the south pole and half the globe would qualify...

    Geez what a waste of grey matter!


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