My mother had a stroke

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  • acsot

    cruzanheart : I’ll tell her that there are people praying for her, although I’m not sure that she’d mind who it was, there are times when she reminisces about the church she used to belong to and how kind the pastor was there. Thanks for the kind words.

    outnfree : Thanks for that experience. The people in therapy say that she’s a good candidate for recovery, and I’ll look into what help the social services has here, as well as help with the cleaning and such. I’m hoping she stays at the rehab centre for awhile - I know it’s hard on her but I think I need the time to get things organized.

    Imanaliento : I’ve checked the Heart and Stroke Foundation website as well as the Heart Health Center; thanks for the tip about Google. I’m glad to get others’ experiences as well, so as to know what to expect or not to expect. Witnesses talk the talk but sure don’t walk the walk.

    Blondie : Sorry I sort of hijacked your research post, I didn’t realize that was the topic I was in (I guess I should have known since it’s the one I always check out - your WT review ! ) when I hit “new topic”. I’ve also found that the people at the hospital and the rehab centre are great. I think I’ll miss them more than my mother! Some of the witnesses have popped in to see her and phoned but I’m certainly not expecting any help, other than a couple of sisters who are very good at that sort of thing, always helping others. Of course, they have always been like that, it’s nothing to do with being a dub, and I know the congregation certainly wouldn’t organize anything like regular help, when something gets done it’s certain individuals on their own initiative that do the helping.

    RayzorBlade : You’re a sweetie - such kind words! At least the good weather will be here soon (I’m a Canuck also, somewhere between Thunder Bay and Fredericton ), so my mother will be able to sit in the back and look at the garden and the cats and the birds, along with the one squirrel who terrorizes the rest of the backyard zoo. It’ll give her something to look forward to while I’m at work. Hope we get to meet one day!

    Els : Long time no speak! Haven’t been sending any jokes lately, eh? My brother will be in town next week and then will be moving here in the summer, so that will help. I have a gift certificate for a massage and spa treatment and I imagine that I will be using it in the very near future!

    Gumby : It’s true older people want to believe they’re still independent and can do things on their own, even their own recovery. At least my mother sort of has no choice in the matter, the hospital sent her directly to rehab and she can’t get discharged until she’s mobile, or at least well enough to cope at home with help from social services. Now that I’ve disconnected from the borg and realized I’m going to get old one day also ( ), it’s been sort of a shock to realize that I could end up in the same situation some day! Ugh, scary! Better start that low-fat diet soon!

    Myself : Good to hear about your uncle’s recovery. A sense of humour helps. My mother (at 80) was teasing the orderlies and doctors while there (only the younger, handsome ones or the big, brawny fellows) so that’s a good sign. I guess ! She needed help to get to the washroom and called to one of the orderlies “hey handsome - I want you!!”

    Then again, maybe she wasn’t joking .

    Shakita : Great daughter? I’m not sure; I feel it’s my duty. But I’ll take the compliment anyway

  • Jesika


    You are in my thoughts hon, I have no advice for you, but just want you to know I am thinking about you and your mom!!!!

    I wish her the best!!!!!!!!

    Keep us posted!!!!!!!

    Love you,


  • nowisee

    i am so sorry about your mom, ascot. i have had a number of people close to me to have had strokes.

    father-in-law - recovered quite quickly (had several tia's)

    best friend's husband, had what should have been routine open-heart surgery to repair mitral valve, had stroke on operating table. he is a young person. lost some function on right side, speech seems to be permanently affected (but he is understandable - just struggles for correct word or pronunciation at times) he can't work anymore (was car salesman - you know how important speech is to them!) but he functions well and happily on disability, living the fine life boating as much as he can.

    older (84 yrs) friend - her speech also somewhat impaired, not too bad though. she has weakened but could be from just old age.

    another friend began suddenly to see double. someone we both knew was reading a book, "healing ourselves" (oriental macrobiotic approach) .. and recommended a god-awful tasting tea to him. he really resisted trying this tea but kept seeing double. was just about to try this awful brew when his vision cleared up. we all wondered what his conclusion would have been if he had tried the tea right before his vision cleared.....

    anyway, all have had some effects, but all now after initial phases, live relatively normal lives. i pray that this will also be case with you mom.

    best wishes, nowisee

  • bikerchic


    I'm so sorry for your Mom. I wish her a speedy and complete recovery! I'm sure knowing you are there for her will be a big help towards her getting better.

    Take care of yourself too girl!


  • acsot

    nowisee and bikerchic: Thanks for the kind words. The physiotherapist told my mother today to take it easy! She's so frustrated at being hospitalized (first time it's happened other than having her two children) that she's trying to go too fast, thinking that it's the way to get her brain rewired to compensate for her leg and arm dysfunction. The nurse told her that the only thing she'll speed up is landing back in emergency 'cause she'll fall flat on her face. So, she's kind of doing well, just has to obey orders! They're very good there (a Salvation Army rehabilitation center - can't imagine the dubs setting up anything like that!), and my mind is at ease knowing she's in good hands. When she gets home though ..... Oh well, I can always "escape" by logging on to my favourite web site!

  • Navigator


    Sorry about your mom's stroke. My mother had one as well. She is paralyzed on one side and is therefore immobile and incontinent. Fortunately, her speech centers were not affected that much. She had been living an independent life in her own home. She went through rehab, but it didn't help that much. She requires a great deal of assistance, but is still mentally sharp. We finally found a really nice Assisted Living Center. It is expensive, however. Mother is a retired school teacher and her pension helps to cover part of the cost. You didn't say how old your mother is, but medicare will provide an electric scooter which helps her get around. Since your mother is in a Salvation Army rehab center, I gather that her funds are limited. If she has to go on medicaid, the outlook is pretty grim because of the government cut-backs in that area. The Salvation Army does wonderful work. I let them draft my bank account every month. If your mother can't make it at home, they have some very good assisted living centers, but the waiting list is likely long. Depending on how she does in rehab, you may need to make some modifications in her home (wheelchair ramps, support rails, wider door, bathroom modes, etc.). Stroke victims who require a lot of assistance can wear out friends and family pretty fast. I wouldn't count on much help from the WTS. They seem to be more interested in magazine sales than in helping their aged and infirm.

  • shera

    (((( Ascot and mom))))

    Take care

  • DJ

    (((((((((((((ascot and mama))))))))))))))

    It sounds as though she 's got the right spirit! I'm the same way when I'm in the hospital as your mom is now. That's a wonderful sign imo. The rahab will benefit her immensely I'm sure. It sounds like a mild? stroke. I know that Larc's wife recently had a stroke that sounds similar in intensity. Hopefully he will see this and post. I was wondering if you have any siblings that can help you when your mom comes home? I can tell you from personal experience that the jw's in my parent's cong. have been little help since my dad was diagnosed with brain tumor. They stop by now and then for a visit but they aren't much help. There is one lady who is in her 90's who makes my dad chicken soup every week. It tastes awful but her heart is in the right place. When the chips are helps and that's that. It sounds as if you live w/ your mom, is that right? I hope you have other family close by. A family meeting to delegate duties is very helpful once you know all that her care entails. Let us know how she is doing, ok? Love, dj

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