Canada: who's from there?

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  • Been there
    Been there

    I'm living in Kentucky but I'm still Canadian. Hamilton, Ont. I almost feel related to everyone. I have family in almost all the places mentioned. Morris may be you knew my Granny from London, before she passed back in 94? My Dad is in Moose Jaw, Sask. I had to drive to Regina to fly back home a couple years ago. My brother is in Edmonton. Had a cousin in Toronto. My Aunt still lives in London. Does'nt anyone stay in one place anymore?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Born in Toronto

    JW in Montreal

    Now in Winnipeg

  • azaria

    Southern Ontario

  • Big Tex

    Cool map, RAZORBLADE!!!!

    WooHoo!!!! <thinking *I* made the map!!!>

    How cool is that!!!


  • shera

    Waves back at Kaethra,Hi how are yah?!

  • mouthy

    Born in London England

    Was a JW in Montreal

    Preached also in Fergus Ontario- Waterloo- Kitchener ( lies of course)

    Now helping others who leave in St Jacobs Ontario .So You guys at Bethel.....COME ON DOWN!!!!

    ( or is it up?) I will have a nice meal for you -LOTS of books- a sofa to sleep on. & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE !!!!!! Try it you'll like it

  • fjtoth

    Visit my Canadian (Erin, Ontario) website at

  • jgnat

    Thanks for bringing my link up, xjw_b12, and Rayzorblade for singing O Canada. I have added Shera, Kaethra, and Azaria to my map.


    Geez, that's where I started as a JW.

    Estee, that's JGNAT's Map btw...I see you've moved from SK. to BC. (in lush green settings)

    Shera and Kaethra, I actually was brought in as a Dub back in Atlantic Canada, I'm in Toronto now. But I was in New Brunswick, but knew many folks in Nova Scotia.

    I often wonder: who is still a JW or who has left. I have been away from there as a JW since 1983.

    Would it be OK to msg. either one of you about some people I once knew? (shera/Kaethra)


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