Re Shania Twain

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  • sandy

    I like Shania's music it's fun to work out to. I don't think I would see her in concert. Maybe if the tickets were free or if they were $20 or less.

    She does seem like a very sweet person.

    Talent Wise: Not much there. Her songs are overly simplistic.

    Country Music Performers I recommend you see (if you like country) are:

    Martina McBride & Trisha Yearwood - Love them! They are excellent singers with a lot of depth in their music.

  • freedom96

    I would go see her. Take my wife and have a great time.

    Good for Shania to not allow her circumstances growing up to affect what she wanted to pursue.

  • blacksheep

    No, I wouldn't go to see here...there are waay to many other c/w stars with more...character...that I'd rather go see. I think her body movements and saucy act appeals more to men than women (JMO). Something about her style just bugs me. Her voice is too cutesy.

    Well, you asked!! I think she's got a lot of sex appeal for men, but I'm not seeing the real talent (like I see in some others). I think it's cool she lived in Europe for so long, though.

  • teejay

    Shania is a major babe.

    Uh... did somebody ask a question?

  • Brummie

    She sure is a babe and her videos are real funny but she doesnt sing like the goddess Anita Baker so hers is not my type of music and I wouldnt want to go and see her.

  • shera

    LOL @ Gumby and Scully.

  • Francois

    Give me Anne Murray


  • gumby
    Give me Anne Murray

    There is no way you would take Anne Murray over Shania Frank. Her teeth have yellowed, she talks like a dude, and her boobs sag. I would take Bill Murray before her. Your taste in women has become just awful.........simply awful dammit!

  • Hungout

    great picture teejay

    love that tight @$#% uuummm jump suit.... yea

    she does have it going on ,but to spend over 25 bucks to see anybody in concert is a waste of time and money,

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