One Reason Jws Can Be Duped Easily

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  • rocketman

    What I am about to state here has been said many times before in various ways, but I am offering some observations that I made as a Bookstudy conductor over a period of 12 years, 9 of those as an elder, and before that as an MS filling in.

    I was the type of conductor who would attempt to 'probe beneath the surface' as it were, when I conducted. I was often amazed and sometimes a bit frustrated (though I tried never to be impatient with the people there) by the lack of comments at the bookstudy that would offer anything more than just a re-read of what the paragraph said.

    I realize that many folks have busy lives and of course have little time for extra thought or research. I also realize that people get tired at the end of a day, and often, they just want to get the meeting over with.

    But, the demands on jws actually, as we all know, keep them from really making a deep study of what they are learning. They simply have no time for anything more than just a cursory look at the material. Also, many of them just don't want to go any further than just reciting what is in the paragraph.

    As a result, these folks can be told just about anything, and they'd believe it. I know that's been said here many times, and again, I am just offering my own observation which substantiates that.

    One time, a brother had to be assigned out of my bookstudy to another one. He approached me several weeks after that and said "I feel like I just went from college to high school". The reason he felt that way was that the elder conducting that bookstudy was also one of those who gave little thought to anything more than just covering material. I'm not relating that story to make myself look good, but rather just to show that elders also often times just take what is being presented for granted. Of course, on the other hand, they dare not question it.

    The result of all this is obvious: a group of people that by and large are very gullible from a learning standpoint. And thus, a group of people that can be duped very easily.

  • nightwarrior


    NW and I have just been chatting about the same said thing, inasmuch, that as JWs we accepted on face value what was on the printed page, and never thought to challenge certain thoughts. As you believe that you have the 'truth' so why question it!

    Mind you as time came for us to leave (drift on my part) NW started to ask difficult questions, and as you know that is just not allowed.

    Jws are lemmins..... over the cliff we go........wweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bang.

    But, tell me this, why were we always being got at to 'study more' personal study is so important.... but just think if we had really studied hard for those meetings, well maybe we would have left a lot sooner.....

    Mrs Nightwarrior

  • wednesday

    Hi, I just wanted to say i really enjoyed reading your post. I am female, so have never had the experience of conducting a book study, but i do know what u speak of. Once at a study, i noticed people were only raising their hands and reading paragraphs, so i started looking up scriptures and expounding on things. U would not believe the looks i got- like i was doing something forbidden. The conductor thanked me for using the Bible and we gave each other "knowing" looks. I have no doubt this man is probably an apostate now. he saw they were not using the Bible for reference and so did I.

    so sad, the FDS has replaced God.

  • xjw_b12

    Mrs NW said

    Jws are lemmins..... over the cliff we go........wweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bang.

    I remember watching a documentary years ago, but how Disney filmed an episode of the lemmings leaping over the edge. It was revealed that Disney staff, were actually on the other side forcing the lemmings up and over. I guess in this case it's the GB providing the impetus.

    " Millions Now Living Will Never Die Know "


    Dubs are taught not to stray from prewritten answers..If you add a comment that re-enforces the prewitten answer,that is fine..Anything else is taboo..It`s no wonder book study conducters have a hard time getting alot of interaction...OUTLAW

  • JH

    It is too bad that witnesses, elders alike, cannot think freely. Once you've accepted the "truth", you have to live by it, and teach it to others.

    When "New Light" is presented, whatever was taught for years, is gone in a second.

    Witnesses are like robots, without their own personality. If they say that they are happy, it is because they were told that they were happy people, but they are NOT happy.

    With their busy lives, they can barely attend the meetings. The society keeps them so busy that they have no time to reconsider certain things. And if they do, they will lose an arm and a leg in the process.

  • amen

    I had conducted the book study on many occasions and i am telling you I made them think about the absurdity of some doctrines but off course i waited for their answers most of them will not reply to my questions except for an old sister that thinks she has all the answers.

    An example of this would be, i would start with this question.

    Are the watchtower articles are inspired or not. Some will look at me an say. It is not. Then i would say therefore those articles will have mistakes. A big silence in the room and the old sister would say the watchtower articles are not inspired but the men that wrote it are inspired by the holy Spirit.

    What a non sense response? At this time I let them think for themselves i can not add anything otherwise I felt like they were going to report me to the elders.



    Amen,you actually had people say the watchtower was not inspired at a book study? Couldn`t have been dubs..Were they just studying,and came as guests to the book study?...OUTLAW

  • amen


    They were all baptised members for a long time, range from 50 years to 10 years in the truth for the parents.



    Thanks for the reply amen..They wouldn`t have gotten away with that here..They would have been counseled..That would have been the least thing that would have happened to them...OUTLAW

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