Will It Be Cold Turkey For England?

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  • Englishman

    I don't think so, but the Turks aren't known for being nice.

    Despite a barrage of criticism from the media, England are odds on favourites to win their next Euro 2004 qualifying match against Turkey at the Sunderland Stadium of Light. The visitors have won their opening three group games and anything other than a defeat would put them in a very strong position. The hosts are currently at around evens to win Group 7.

    England’s head-to-head record against Wednesday’s opponents stands at seven wins out of eight, one draw, 29 English goals and none for Turkey. It would be quite a shock if Turkey are still yet to score against England after the match. Since the World Cup, Sven Goran Eriksson’s team have not been impressive with the defence looking particularly shaky.

    I forecast lot's of fouls from Turkey and lot's of free-kicks from David Beckham. Which are generally pretty effective, because no-one can Bend It Like Beckham!



  • ozziepost
    Since the World Cup, Sven Goran Eriksson’s team have not been impressive with the defence looking particularly shaky.

    You ain't kidding, there, Eman!

  • Iron Eagle
    Iron Eagle

    Svens boys are overpaid spoilt kids. I love England and am English through and through but am fed up of these overpaid ponces ruining the game with their stroppy attitude.

    Beckham gets £70,000 a weeks just for whipping his balls in from the back ( wouldn't you with a wife like that !!!!! )

    I think it will be a lucky draw for England or Turkey will do it, simply because they have more fight, it means much more for them. Do you remember Iran Vs America 8 years ago ? To Iran, it meant a lot to win ... for the yanks, it meant nothing. Thats what the story will be tonight .


  • Iron Eagle
    Iron Eagle

    And Ozzie ;

    Your sporting days of dominance are over. We have the best Rugby side in the world and will lift the world cup next year.

    Your result against Sven's men was a result of Sven messing with his side at half time; given a full match England would and will in future matches walk all over you.

    As for cricket, who cares? lol.

  • Englishman

    England 2 Turkey 0.

    Played Won Drawn Lost For Against Points
    England 4 3 1 0 8 3 10
    Turkey 4 3 0 1 10 3 9
    Slovakia 4 2 0 2 7 5 6
    FYR Macedonia 4 0 2 2 4 7 2
    Liechtenstein 4 0 1 3 1 12 1

    Great stuff!


  • TruckerGB

    Despite being a total heathen when it comes to football,now theres a relief.



  • ozziepost

    How can that be relief? You follow up a 3-1 whipping with a 2-0 over....who?.....Turkey????????



  • Iron Eagle
    Iron Eagle

    Ozzie ;

    Turkey ranked 4th In the world mate.

  • Englishman
    You follow up a 3-1 whipping

    Umm...Ozzie old Pal, that little practice match with Australia where we fielded experimental players was just an that, an experimental match just for fun and experience for untried players.

    Sheesh, these Ozzie's just have to beat England don't they?

    Well, IMHO, Aussies are great when it comes to summer games, stone the crows, the whole country is about outside pursuits!

    Now when it comes to a tough, real man's game like football or rugby..


  • Realist


    against whom did britain lose in the world cup last year?

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