Watchtower's Armegeddon Frenzy--Again

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  • ARoarer

    Hi everyone,

    With all this going on over in Iraq, and the Watchtower Society's fear of death tactics on the rank and file members, it reminds me of how much the Watchtower Publishing Corporation leadership is using the same fear tactics of death to all who are not subserviant and loyal to it's fear inspiring religious regime. While threatening the world with "mass distruction" by thier Watchtower false god, and twisting Christian doctrine to further their fear, and blame messages, and death to all others, they have the same perpetrating m.o. as Saddam, Bin Laden, and all other dictatorial figures. Though they don't actively kill, and threaten death, they passively "kill" and give death threats to those who are not part of thier regime. They do this with thier graphic literature. With burning buildings falling on young mothers holding their dead children, little girls laying dead holding thier dolls, next to thier dead puppy and broken bike, large fanged beasts and a lot of blood, it is sickening how they keep a grip on thier members, and "kill" those who want to leave by df'ing and "killing" in thier family and friends eyes. Last year a poster here posted the pictures of the Watchtower Publishing Corporation literature, and some of it I gave to the producer of Dateline. I was thinking that if more of the public knew the cruel negative side of this cult and viewed these pictures, they would be less inclined to speak to them in thier recruiting work. I hope more of these fear based pictures from Watchtower literature is made available through internet. I am posting the site where this information is for those newbies, and those who have been questioning WT doctrine.

  • ARoarer

    if you have trouble clicking on to the hyperlink, try doing it manually.

  • badboy

    gOOD 2 c u Aroarer,I seem 2 have missedd U.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Good on you

  • amen

    WT = dictatorship

    nothing less


  • MacHislopp

    Hello ARoarer,

    thanks for your comments and the reminder

    about Tally's post. Those pictures do reveal

    quite a lot!!!

    Greetings, J.C.MacHislopp

  • Realist

    The Horrible Inhumanity of the Watchtower Society.
    They REJOICE in the Mass Murder of the "Infidels"
    and the FORMER jWs, the Disfellowshipped Ones. thats exactly what it is!

  • Iron Eagle
    Iron Eagle

    Their barbaricness will stand as their shame for all eternity

  • observador

    Hi all,

    here is the correct link:


  • ARoarer

    badboy Good to see you too! I keep up with things and comment on some of the discussions but have not started any new topics lately.

    MacHislopp, I haven't seen Talley post here much lately, but I always enjoy his pictures. They are so telling about the reality of the Watchtower thought and fear controll through the art in thier literature. Especially now with all these fundamentalist governments using threats and religion to put fear in people's hearts. I hope Talley continues to put these pictures up, and if anyone has any old pictures from the Paradise lost book with those pictures to scare children, it would be great to post them.

    observadoreThanks for posting the hyperlink again. I still have trouble getting it right on this forum.

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