JW Wife Tells DFed Husband "You've killed us all."

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  • Swan

    This was posted just minutes ago:


    KATU 2 News - Portland, Oregon

    Longo Testifies Wife Killed Two Children

    April 1, 2003 - Updated 6:38 P.M.

    NEWPORT – Accused family killer Christian Longo returned to the witness stand Tuesday, and testified that his wife told him she had killed their three children, then he strangled her in a rage.

    Longo gave detailed testimony of the fight that lead to the death of his wife MaryJane on December 17.

    Longo said that on that day, MaryJane dropped him off at his night job at Fred Meyer. Longo said that it was unusual for her to request the car. Later that night, at 11pm, she picked him up and the pair returned to their home in Waldport.

    Longo said that when the pair returned home, MaryJane did not want to go into their apartment.

    While arguing, Longo said that MaryJane told him, "You've killed us all."

    Inside the apartment, he noticed that Zachery and Sadie were not there, and Madison lay unresponsive on the couple's bed. Longo said he thought Madison was dead, and that his wife had killed her.

    When he asked MaryJane where the other children were, he said she replied, "they're in the water, by the house."

    Now enraged, Longo said he became violent with his wife. He said he grabbed her by the neck and said he didn't stop until he "couldn't hold her up any more."

    After strangling his wife, Longo said he collapsed on the bedroom floor. He said that he got to a point where he got up and thought about calling the police.

    "I didn't know what I was going to do at that point," Longo told the court. "I didn't hear anything else in the house."

    Longo said he couldn't call police because he said he had "been violent" with his wife. He said that he did not think what he had done with his wife was fatal, and that he "thought he could fix it."

    Longo said that he knew that he did call police, he would be in jail for some time. Longo eluded to his criminal history, including stealing the van the family had.

    After some time, Longo said he returned to the bedroom, MaryJane still lying motionless on the floor.

    That is the point when Longo said he knew she was dead, and that he would have to do something.

    Longo said he took two suitcases, one for MaryJane, the other for Madison, and began the gruesome task of putting them in the bags.

    After placing his wife in one bag, Longo said he prepared to do the same thing with Madison. Longo then said he dumped clothes out of Madison's dresser to take up space inside the large suitcase. During this time, Longo said he saw Madison take a breath.

    Thinking she may still be alive, Longo shook his daughter in an attempt to wake her, but she was unresponsive.

    "Even though she was breathing, I didn't know what I could do at that point," Longo said.

    Longo then admitted to strangling his daughter, before closing the suitcase.

    Earlier testimony from a former state medical examiner may strengthen Longo's case.

    Dr. William Brady contradicted a report from a medical examiner who said it was unclear if Zachery and Sadie Longo were drowned, strangled, or smothered.

    Dr. Brady said Zachery had foam around his mouth and nose when his body was pulled from a shallow inlet along the Oregon coast.

    "Two died as a result of drowning," Brady said. "Throughout the child's airways, we found foam which is caused by physical damage when water is inhaled."

    Longo has pleaded guilty in the murders of MaryJane and Madison.

    But he has always maintained his innocence in the deaths of four-year-old Zachery and three-year-old Sadie. Today was the first time their deaths were explained.

    The prosecution says Longo killed his whole family December 2001. He was captured partying in Mexico weeks later.

  • cruzanheart

    Yuck. I don't care how much his wife had to do with it. He's admitted to strangling her AND one of his children. Doesn't sound like he even bothered looking for the other two -- nice daddy. And then he went to Mexico to whoop it up. Oh yeah, you can tell he's REALLY repentant. What a waste of DNA and air space.


  • SheilaM

    He is full of crap he murdered them all and I will never believe differntly without forensic proof

  • TheOldHippie

    So they said, SheilaM, about the ones they have afterwards had to release, because new investigations told the earlier "evidence" did not hold water, but was all faulty, sloppy, prejudice, color, race, money, threats, who knows what. "He's full of crap and killed them all". Yeah, what's the use of courts and trials, when we could solve it all in five minutes and have him swing from a tree.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Is Longo's father still an elder, advising people about how to live their lives and HOW TO RAISE THEIR CHILDREN?

  • ashitaka

    -People scare me.

  • Shakita

    The husband is obviously mentally ill. His story attests to that. Did he have a history of mental illness? I am sorry but I do not know all the facts of what happened before he murdered his family members. If his wife did kill some of their children, did she have a history of mental illness or behavior that was unstable? If she did not, I really doubt that she killed her own kids. Since he has admitted to killing some of his family, it does make it hard to believe that he is innocent in killing the others.......going to party afterward doesn't help his case any.

    Very sad.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • rocketman


  • bittersweet

    Does it really matter if he killed one of his children or all three?He deserves to rot in jail for the rest of his life.If he noticed the little girl took a breath,why on earth did he not call 911?Why?Because he was too worried about saving his own ass instead of saving the life of his little girl.This story has made me ill.

  • SheilaM

    Old Hippie first of all my record for solving cases is amazing I am very intuitive and I read all the about the case and something is wierd here I don't believe his wife killed her kids he has a history of lying and manipulation. He probably killed the fiirst two because she threatened to leave him and he thought he could hold her with fear for the two year old but reallly it niether here nor there He admitted to killing he wife and 2 year old so does it freaking matter also did you not read about what I said about FORESNIC evidence that is what those supposedly guilty people were released because of unlike you I read the whole post before making a silly comment. Alos when found he was not in a mourning grief mode he was in a "im free party hearty mode" BASTARD

    "Even though she was breathing, I didn't know what I could do at that point," Longo said.
    Bull**** how implausible does this sound he strangled his baby because he was confused ya right

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