Physical Symptoms with the mention or thought of Borg, JW, etc

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  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    F.O.G Fear Obligation and Guilt

    Just about every JW related activity is based in F.O.G.

    Preparing the Watchtower for the Sunday meeting for most JW's is done out of obligation and guilt rather than the sheer joy of learning. When one disregards the feelings of obligation or guilt and doesn't study their Watchtower, anxiety sets in because on some level they still believe that not following through with the obligations placed on them by the Watchtower Society, will bring displeasure and eventually wrath from God.

    For practicing JW's there's not only the concern about displeasing God but in addition, they fear being looked down upon by their JW peers who may notice that there aren't any colored lines drawn in the paragraphs of their Watchtower.

  • Searching

    To be honest, even when I still believed, I always got a shot of anxiety in my stomach whenever someone mentioned JW's. I got flustered and didn't speak about it unless it was forced out of me. I had hoped after leaving that would also fade, since I'm not part of the Organization any longer.

    But just yesterday, while we didn't have power due to the snow storm, my mother was like, "I pray to Jehovah that things get better soon." And I just got a jolt of anxiety, and also annoyance - it was almost like a slap in the face.

    It takes a long time for you to uncondition your brain to these kinds of things, longer still for your subconscious to as well.

  • Phizzy

    It does take a long time for these feelings to diminish to the point where you acknowledge you have them in small measure, and you can Nod and Smile at them.

    I would feel discomfort in attending a K. Hall, not just because it would be full of JW's who I would be careful how I spoke to, ( no swearing LOL), but because the place itself I now find creepy, it is the local branch of a cult after all.

    I also find the literature, and memorial Invites etc to be creepy and cult-like.

    I don't think such feelings will ever go away, and maybe that is a good thing, they will protect us from harm.

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