I'm going back to the Kingdom Hall

by Gopher 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • Gopher

    Will I "egg" the place?

    No, I don't want to harm any eggs.

    Actually throwing eggs at the hall and/or parked cars would only increase their self-righteous "persecution complex", and would be a "sign of the times" that makes them feel more self-assured that their religion is the right one.

    However I will continue to be one of those who lob "eggs" at the organization from this website. These people already have a lot of "egg on their face" from various scandals and false prophecies, anyhow.

  • Gopher

    LOL @ Vivamus. Oh the pain you must endure in giving your man pleasure! God can even hear you screaming his name for aid and comfort during such times even now!! Thank him over and over that once the earth is full, your "duty to perform" will mercifully reach its end.

  • Robdar

    Hahaha Gopher

    Ya big jokster! I knew where you were going immediately with this post 'cause it takes one to know one.

    Love ya,


  • Francois

    C'mon Viv, you can't mean that. You've got a trail of broken hearts strung out behind you like a parade. That's just april fool's stuff, ain't it?


  • Mary

    Make sure you wear the required "A" on your forehead.........for "Apostasy"!! LOL!!!

  • heathen

    You had me thinking another one going to the memorial .

  • ColdRedRain

    Heh, I wasn't fooled either. The day you go back to a Kingdom Hall, Gopher, is the day one of my aunts stop being annoying, judgemental and gossipy. Personally, the only time you'll ever see me in one is when they let anybody partake at the memorial and turn the wine and crackers into chips and Welsh's grape flavored pop.

  • reporter

    Ha! I think I'll convert to Muslimism and have my 72 virgins...at least I'll be sure they're not wrinkley!

  • Gopher

    Potato chips and grape soda?? Now THERE's a true apostate memorial meal.

    As the song says...

    "The chips stand for Jesus Christ's body... he gave on behalf of us all...

    "the grape soda pop is a symbol divine.. his blood which redeems from man's fall"


  • Valis

    Gopher...yes you are going back to the Kingdom Hall....to mow the lawn you sorry bastard! When is the last time you met with the flock, or even had a return visit to Lauaralisa's house for Mexican food? It probably has been way to long and I admonish you to do so lest I have to come up and personally chastise...or at least have the great Northern Overbeer Not Interested come and spank you w/an Aid book. No April fools fool!


    Dsitrct Overbeer

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