Question to all JWD Old Timers

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  • blondie

    I have been here since the beginning as a JW lurker. The arguments/discussions scared me off a little. But I learned a lot supporting what I had learned on my own. I finally posted and "came out" but was pretty much ignored since my statements did not incite attack. Even now my comments seem to encourage comment. I have a few who disagree and make personal attacks but nothing like what I have see others generate.

    There are so many fine individuals and couples who cut through the crap and help me and others to see that my own experiences are not unique, cultural or regional. I can see it is the Organization that is the problem and not the members.

    I enjoy being here. I don't miss the confrontations that lacked structure and support and degenerated into name-calling events.

    I give Simon and his helpers credit and the support of his family.

    Hope I can continue to be a support to those who have been hurt by the Borg and not heap more hurt on them. May I not take it personally when those same people hurting by their treatment by the WTS may aim their hurt at me.


  • VeniceIT

    Hehehe I was just thinking about this the other night myself Tex. I did a search on an old thread and got lost reading in the archives. It was more of a family atmosphere but I was posting ALL the time like to every damn thread at that point. The board at that time was what kept my sanity (scary thought).

    The first round of H2O's wasn't sooo bad hehehe well at least I didn't think so I was one of them.(hey only a couple weeks after Prisca) I admit that when there was a mass exodus from h2O to here things got a lil bumpy but I think both the old and new posters were as much to blame, and everyone was trying to find their place, and get settled in.

    The past two years have been a bit of a roller coaster with heated issues bring brought to the table at times, and many have not learned to debate in a calm manner, others just used some issues to piss off people they didn't like. As you can see already in this thread.

    I sometimes miss that 'homey' feel but I think a lot of it is the fact that I'm not around as much, so I can't say it's the board that's changed so much, I know I've changed greatly in the past 2 years. Even in times of 'flame wars' there have always been a 'faction' trying to keep peace or start calm threads where people can just hang out and post. And chats good too if you want to stay out of the fray.


    We did have some really funny old threads though heheheeh. Bonzi Alan is still a classic alt

  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    It's mostly fluff here these days, seems like most of the serious posters have left for other climes.

  • hillary_step

    As JW's we turned repetition of our theology into an art form. Once you had learned the 'basic Truths' all one could add were minute details, which were drawn out analyzed, dismantled then analyzed again until what were being taught became a lifeless mantra. In afct we were so well versed in this mantra that we scarcely cared what we chanted as long as it rhymed with ‘bore’.

    When the Internet began to be used as a vehicle for XJW’s to expose the WTS for the fraudulent corporation that is some years ago, all of the WTS flawed doctrine were researched, and published in endless and multiple permutations. Persons like AlanF, Carl Jonsonn, Farkel, JanH, Norm, Kent etc. etc. exposed all the WTS failings both doctrinally and socially so that nothing of real importance is left to discuss for those who have read the research, just the latest minuscule changes in doctrine. It is almost the antithesis of JW life, when ‘new truths’, such as the literature being printed in soft covers bought such excitement. The equivalent event to the XJW is an elder being caught cussing, or one of the ancients in Brooklyn dying. If somebody appears on the Board with a deep Bible question, four hundred links appear like worn footsteps.

    So this Board has changed and will of course, continue to change. Most of our exciting moments and vigorous debates are seldom about XJW issues these days, yet every so often a new scandal like the UN/NGO saga will appear and once again the unholy spirit will descend upon us as we all foam at the mouth and shake our fists at the Watchtower looming above us like a dizzy Frankenstein.….lol


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    Once you had learned the 'basic Truths' all one could add were minute details which were drawn out analyzed, dismantled then analyzed again until what were being taught became a lifeless mantra in which we were so well versed that we scarcely cared what we chanted as long as it rhymed with ‘bore’.

    Wow. As a fan of the written word, I'd like to stop down and say, well written in a Dorothy Parker-esque way. You didn't happen to own the Algonquin Hotel in a former life by any chance?

  • Satanus

    I'm off on a sidepoint.


    We have a lot of our current EX-dubs who were in that group and who now post here who saw the truth about the "Truth" during those days.

    Just curious. Can you name some of these 'converts'? I don't think it would hurt them in any way, if people knew who some of them were/are. Thanks bud.


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