Question to all JWD Old Timers

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  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    ..."You've never wanted your own ego to be fed, Prisca? Why did you post a picture of Sandra Bullock for so long, then? "....

    Hey she wants to be like Sandra Bullock when she grows up. And you? Obviously when you grow up you want to be a spotty faced, big eared, nerk. Alfred Newman

  • Prisca


    I'm not gonna bother answering your drivel because I simply don't have the time to but I will answer one thing:

    The reason why I used the pic of Sandra Bullock and others posted other pics "supposedly" of me (if you read the actual threads, you would see where we acknowledged that it wasn't really me) was because at the time, I was trying to deal with my cong and family who are still JWs, and I couldn't afford to put my real pic up. It had nothing to do with vanity, as you are trying to insinuate.

    It had every thing to do with keeping the JW elders at bay, and trying to keep some contact with what's left of my family (most of them are dead, did you know that?).

    Now that I am more grounded in my escape from the JW scene (including moving to a brand new city) I have been posting my real pic. If I didn't feel ready, you still wouldn't see real pics of me posted on this board. After all, it was good ole Kent Steinhaug that originally posted my pic long before I was ready to "come out" as it were.

    You can assert all you like mate. It doesnt mean it's true.

  • unclebruce

    Hey you silly bastards - stop ruin'n Big Tex's lovely thread!!!!

    unc, [email protected] youse all! (for old times sake

    ps: who's sandra bullock?

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Sis. At least you dont post multiple threads loaded with musical musings begging, nay, demanding endless gushy praise from your audience. Sulking like a ten year old if someone uses a term lesser than "masterpiece" in reference to your efforts .

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Why thank you Unca Bruce. We ought to blow the froth off a couple sometime.

    Actually this is something I've been wondering about for sometime. I used to read through the archives and it did seem as if in the beginning things were slower and probably quieter. I don't know much about H20, so I don't want to attribute this to that board's demise, but it did seem as if the board picked up quite a lot of energy and disparate personalities.

    But I've also noticed that since the big split last year (with the advent of Brand X) it does seem as if a lot of the more vitriolic attacks have lessened. It's also been quite a bit more peaceful and I rather enjoy the lack of flame wars.

    But it also seems as if the most interesting JW/doctrine discussions were in the past (2001 mainly) with Maximus, AlanF, Farkel and You_Know were going at it. I think one reason there has been fewer JW arguments/discussions is the hard line the Society has taken on the Internet/discussion boards.

  • unclebruce
    Sis. At least you dont post multiple threads loaded with musical musings begging, nay, demanding endless gushy praise from your audience. Sulking like a ten year old if someone uses a term lesser than "masterpiece" in reference to your efforts .

    Prove i did any of that goofy! Geez, you're a grumpy bastard RF! unc who sulks like a 45 year old.

  • Farkel


    : I'm not gonna bother answering your drivel because I simply don't have the time to

    Sure you do. You have plenty of time to bash H20ers and the "old days," but suddenly have no time to answer rebuttals to your bashings.


    Maybe she doesn't try to get kudus for her music because she hasn't spent forty-two years working to be able to produce such music. Hell, she's not even forty-two years old! Since I never got to fulfill my dream of being a concert pianist, are you going to be the one to deny me the pleasure of "begging" for kudus for working on say, a "Danse Macabre" when I spent nearly a year learning it, and don't have a concert stage to play it, and instead use this forum as my audience? If you spent nearly a year working on one of your essays about the JWs, would you feel any differently if no one made any positive comments about it?

    Egos are a healthy thing to have. Without them, nothing would get done, my friend.


  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Im not really interested in fighting further with you on this subject meister. Suffice to say, a quick dash down memory lane and a bit of a snipe and a snarl got the blood flowing again. Many thanks.

  • unclebruce

    Well, here's my take Big Tex,

    I first started posting in late '99. I checked out dozens of boards but only found one that was really seriously challanging the WTBS - H20. (I was unaware of FOCUS and "news groups" at that time)

    H20 was a pretty tough board particularly for new players. I came to H20 very late and was about as new and green as a bloke could get (having never touched a computer keyboard before in my life) All the big Watchtower issues had been fought and won by these posters. The regular posters took pride in what they'd accomplished and didn't suffer fools gladly. AF, Farkel, Gedanken, JanH, Norm, Kent, Cygnus, Maximus, Freind, COMF, Marylin and others put up a tough fight against any and all JW defenders or anyone else who didn't think clearly or have their facts straight.

    I started posting as a joke and soon found who had a sense of humour - Farkel and Kent became great mates of mine and I'd trust them with my life.

    At the same time there was a board we used to love taking the piss out of called "Witnet" (witnut) It was a honey pot site and as shallow as a tea saucer but without even a dribble of refreshment - it really was aweful! lol.

    Witnet folded and some of the slops came here to bother Simon and his wonderfully peaceful family. Later H20 folded and some of the meanest Watchtower fighters the world has ever seen decended here like shit down a well .. sort of... anyway, as you can see some "can't handle the bare knuckle truth" and some "can't handle the brain numbing boredom of posts at the shallow end"

    I'm not really an "Old JWD" poster. When active on H20 and a doxzen other boards, including running several, I cruised past here and was repelled by the peaceful 'coffee shop atmosphere' (more fool me) Comming back a year later I was pleasantly surprised by the robustness posters like Dannybear, Carmel and others were adding to the mix. I gotta admit - before H20 decended here (at the instigation of Focus - the wild-cat) this was a wonderful peaceful place. Real old JWD posters include wonderful people like Simon, Angharad, Englishman, Dannybear, Amicus, 6of9, Carmel .. etc...

    I gotta go now Big Tex, but that's in a nutshell what happened - if you put your money on anyone in a fight - always back Farkel, AF and their ilk. They have their bad days but have the history and brains to back up what they say.

    cheers, unclebruce

    pps: before i discovered H20 I'd used up reams of paper printing off stuff from Randy Watters Freeminds site. Meeting him and people like Gary Bussman was a real thrill. (thank the lord (of your choice) for the internet! :)

  • slipnslidemaster

    What consitutes an oldtimer?

    Now I'm sure there will be some discussion but I consider myself an old timer on the board. Only 2 years but what is the opinion of the other oldtimers? Prisca has me beat buy like 6 months, etc. I haven't seem anyone much older then her except maybe waiting or larc.

    So am I an oldtimer? I remember when I first posted, I booted my computer uphill both ways on my way to post....

    As to Big Tex's questions, uhhhhhhh......dunno.

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