Posted in another thread but need to share this b/c it still upsets me

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  • FreeFallin


    This makes me so mad. You did something out of the goodness of your heart and got stabbed in the back for it. Did the elder have his head up his ass to suggest you give your car to a family that certainly didn't need it? And then they turn around and sell the car.........????

    I know the sensible thing is to chalk it up to experience and move on, but geez, it sure is aggravating.


  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    Speaking only for myself, learning to let-go takes practice. And life is sometimes about getting burned. Guess my thought at the moment is how we have to take the "bad" and somehow learn to turn it around. That people lie in hopes of getting something from the sincere hearted is unfortunetly just the way it is. I don't make light of these situations. People like that disgust me to no end. But at the same time it's learning how not to stay trapped in the victim thinking. Takes practice, patience, and time. Hey, without experience how does one learn, eh.

    My husband and I have/and are doing volunteer work going into our 10th year. Just when we think too have seen and heard it all...some scumbag comes crawling out from under a rock with their hand extended. One soon learns how to say NO to even the most seemingly destitute. You must. They make a career out of abusing the system that can take away from the next joe really in need.

    As for JW...there are no kind words to be spoken by me about those people. I've found more Christian love amongst our fellow volunteers, and I'm very anti-christianity, then one will ever hope to see from those in the JW cult. I'm sincerely sorry that you have suffered over this turn of events. But do remember that you are the one who is blessed because you extended love and kindness with purity of heart. Go easy on yourself. That was not a nice thing your husband said about you, sorry. LIfe continues teaching us all. No one is totally immune to users and abusers...they come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes from the most unsuspecting one's.

    Be of good cheer,


  • Swan

    It used to upset me too that I was used in several business dealings that people really pressured me into. Thousands of dollars I sure will never ever see again. I just consider it as the price of wisdom. If I am where I am at today because I paid that price, then it was worth every penny.


  • Sentinel

    You did the right thing for all the right reasons; but that's where "your" control ended. When you realized it didn't turn out as you were led to believe, you "lost control" and became upset and angry. Still nothing changed. From the outside looking in, perhaps you were upset because you feel you were taken advantage of. You justify your anger by comparing your lifestyle with that of the recipient. You really wanted a needy family to receive the car, and it turned out that not only were they not "needy", they in turn sold the car and made a "profit".

    Even though you are fully justified in having these feelings, nothing is going to "change". As JamesT wisely said in his post:

    "In other words, it's my own thoughts that are causing me pain. It's my own non-acceptance of reality that is causing me pain."

    Giving the car away was your only personal satisfaction and reward, and it ended there. The rest is history and really has nothing to do with "you".

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