So where the hell is my big fat Greek shepherding call?

by expatbrit 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • riz

    nobody came to see me, either! *does the basic twirl*

    click the link to see the basic twirl demonstrated

  • outoftheorg

    Nope. No sheparding call for me. Just some shunning in the resturant. I wait till they walk closely by and I laugh at them.

    I think it may be due to the last jw that confronted me, knowing he was real close to being beat severly about the head and shoulders. He never did a return visit. Not a very courageous group.


  • Pleasuredome

    no visit for me either . although a couple of ms's and pubs have been around to see me, but i fobbed 2 ms's off as they came around early one saturday morning, and another time i didnt hear another ms and his wife knock. so its been pretty great really.

  • Angharad

    No I didnt get mine either (NOT) , they probably consider me a dead loss anyway because I'm married to the evil one

  • Xena

    LOL Ang...yes I imagine being the owner of the largest apostate site online would probably qualify Simon as the anti-christ....hhhmmmm does being married to him make you the rider of the wild beast ????

    lol sorry I just could't resist............

  • Angharad

    LOL Xena I suppose it does

  • LittleToe
    does being married to him make you the rider of the wild beast

    Oooo errr, missus!!!!!


    (Darn that mental imagery!!!! Can't shake it!!!!)

  • Englishman

    Last time they called, I asked them if they had come with an apology.

    Apoplexy can be an interesting spectacle.


  • benext

    No visit for me either even though I live 5 minutes from the Hall. Well maybe I'll get a visit to invite me to the Memorial.

  • Shakita

    We had a shepherding call by some very caring and loving brothers. They were very compassionate and kind and told us that there was new light from the society doing away with the shunning/disfellowshipping commandments and that the organization was seeing new light on a number of issues that have stumbled many brothers and sisters in the past. APRIL FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We really had 3 or 4 visits but did not answer the door. We don't like door to door salesmen.

    Mrs. Shakita

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