Refused to go to meeting wife broke frying pan on my SHE is inactive 4 years my advice!!!

by Witness 007 32 Replies latest jw experiences

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Haha I love fiery people. They are often the ones that once shown they've been lied to or taken advantage of, become the loudest voices for justice and truth with little regard for their own safety or situation. True warriors.
  • KateWild
    Funny story, thanks for sharing. Glad you both left, it's much more pleasant with a caring spouse I expect. Kate xx
  • Tornintwo
    hahahahaha - you just cheered me up. Love conquers all... sounds like a crazy ride, at least your marriage isn't boring!!
  • punkofnice
    Out of the frying pan and into
  • Vidiot

    goingthruthemotions - "...i have no problem dropping F bombs. of course not here out of respect for Simon."

    Why not?

    Simon drops the occasional F-bomb.

  • Anon2

    Yikes. Glad you didn't use horses for transportation.

    Thanks guys...the car was my "pioneer" car old as me 22 it took a good beating as these old cars do...i did buy my sister a new fry pan as the handle broke off!!

  • steve2
    Cusing's one thing, but property violence another. Hope that's stopped. All forms of bad-tempered physically acting out, whether on property/objects or living things is a form of violence. It should be called for what it is - violence - and not tolerated.
  • TheListener
    Thanks for sharing that story. It was very funny to me. Glad your wife curses. That's the best kind of wife.
  • Cangie
    Her actions can also be categorized as abuse---verbal, emotional and physical. I don't find that behavior amusing at all because usually it escalates from breaking THINGS to hitting YOU. I would suggest you reconsider how healthy these exchanges between you and your wife are, and whether some therapy might be in order for anger management.
  • flipper
    WITNESS 007- I'm glad to hear that your wife eventually exited the cult ! Great news ! I'd take my wife with a free mind dropping f-bombs any day over a JW stepford wife ! LOL . Good job bud

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