How many of you were whipped by JW parents, relatives,random cong. members?

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  • avishai

    As you requested, Lisa, here is your thread

  • avishai

    I was beaten so badly by a JW babysitter & her psychotic daughters a 6 yrs. old that I had mult. bruises, & it made me throw up. That same day, they also violently beat my 11 mo. old autistic, epileptic bro. who then only weighed 12 lbs. After I told my mom, she went upstairs & said if she ever heard of it happening again, she'd kill 'em. No reports to the elders on this one, not that it would of done any good, I'm sure they kept babysitting. Psychos

  • LDH

    My parents engaged in regularly whipping all of us children, well into our teens. I find this outrageous. It was not uncommon to be slapped across the face for saying something with the wrong tone of voice. As a JW youth, you have to be perfect at all times or pay the price.

    I don't totally blame them, with all the bullshit about beatings you heard at the KH. Also, they both came from families where beating your child was the surest way to get bad behavior corrected.

    Like UncleBruce, I stopped that cycle dead in its tracks. I do not raise a hand to either child. I hate to hear comedians laughing about beating children.

    To me, it is one of the most obvious violations of Human Rights I can think of.


  • StinkyPantz

    My parents spanked me, not necessarily "whipped" and I think it did me good. Sending me to my room was a pleasure. Restricting phone calls or docking my allowance was no big deal either. Pain got the point across with me.

    Nevertheless, I won't spank my children because I've never been able to hit anyone.

  • Prisca

    I was spanked when I was in the wrong, if I was really bad, or if spanking didn't seem to get the point across, then Dad would use his belt across my legs or bottom (fully clothed).

    I would get spanked at the KH. If Dad was on the platform (he used to be an elder) and I was really misbehaving, then another brother was assigned to take me outside and give me a spanking.

    I don't think spanking or whipping is the perogative of JW parents - most parents over the past millenium or two have used spanking or other types of physical punishment as a way of discipline.

    I don't think an occasional spanking hurts a child. As long as it's done swiftly after the wrong act, and not out of anger.

  • blondie

    I wonder sometimes what is worse being spanked/beaten or living daily with the possibility of being beaten. We were spanked rarely, but those times were memorable. I ran over to the neighbors one day rather than have the crap beaten out of me by a father who had had a fight with his supervisor earlier that day. We were hit with belts and branch switches.

    But there is verbal and emotional abuse, being called stupid and dumb every day. And sexual abuse, spending your day trying to avoid being alone with your father and learning to defend yourself physically. I always carried a small bowie type knife and was not afraid to use it. My mother saw all this and did not protect us children because she feared for her own safety. I protected myself and my siblings.

    The sad thing is that some grown children still let their parents verbally and emotionally abuse them and their grandchildren. Here is a good place to practice DF'ing. Tell the parents why they will not be seeing and your children and stick with it.

    Blondie (who had no children on purpose to make sure the abuse did not continue)

  • Francois

    I got belted by my non-JW dad, who was dysfunctional and violent anyway. And like Lisa, all that crap stopped with me. I did not beat my children. I wanted the cycle of violence to stop with me. And so far it looks like it has.


  • obiwan

    I didn't get whipped, I got beat! As well as my mother.

  • Warrigal

    Before finding this board I believed that my JW mother was psychotic as she beat the living daylights out of me on a regular basis. I had 3 skull fractures before I was eleven years old.

    She was the rare woman who held a 'servant' position in the congregation due to lack of qualified men and insisted that I be a perfect child, subservient in every respect so that her position would not be threatened. She was a full-time pioneer in the days when you had to have 100 hours per month and that meant that as a child I had to fill in at home doing what she left behind to go door to door.

    It was a huge awakening to me to find that many others shared my experience of the brutality inflicted by 'loving' JW parents and relatives. Thanks, all of you for being here.

  • Witch Child
    Witch Child

    avashi, My 9 month old is asleep in my arms... I am so sickened and enraged at the thought of ANYONE beating an 11 month old that I am shaking. Your poor brother, and poor little you! If anyone ever did that to my kids.... oh man, I can't even imagine... I guess I would try to have them charged with assault & battery and I would try to get a restraining order. Though my gut reaction is that I would do something far less civilized. ~Witch of the mama Tiger class

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