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  • SheilaM

    Corey was the worst this week and every week I can't believe they got rid of Julia. That was her best performance and if that is the case I think they should bring her back because of the glitch.

    I love Ruben ,Clay,and Josh and Kimberely has a good voice but I don't think it is as good as the others. I would like Ruben in another outfit I think he would rock.

  • morrisamb

    If Kimberly Locke wins American Idol, I will be jumping up and down...She can sing different styles...even most of the best singers have bad days!

    Not that I wouldn't be happy Reuben or Clay would win! Come to think of it, look at last year's two finalists...they're making love in a movie...

    Hey if Clay and Reuben are the top two, we could see the same...hee hee LOL

    PS. Perhaps Clay and Josh would make a cuter couple (I know I'm impossible; I'm gay, it goes with the territory!) but then again, Josh, bores me to tears!!!! Ryan(the host) and Clay could make a cute couple!

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