Just found out their about to baptise my 14 year old boy.

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  • Crazyguy
    There doing this right under my nose but I just found out. Not sure what to do but would like your help on getting me WT information on my headship role and how they shouldn't be doing this with out my permission. Also would like some help on showing my son the ramifications on what happens to someone when they get baptized and how they'll expect him to treat me. Any and all help and advise will be aprieciated. I need as many of their documentation so I can go look it up and show my son. Most my kids have ADD. These kids are being monipulated at an early age because they just want to be part of and excepted by the only group they really know.
  • goingthruthemotions

    are you still married? i would get a court order to stop it! it's for his safety,

    he is still your child....do you share custody?

    a little more info on your role with him would be helpful to help you.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Does your son realize that his baptism is viewed as a "legal contract " by the bOrg? (If he should ever try to escape it or annul it).

    Does he remember that Jesus, of whom JWs are supposed to be footstep followers, was baptized at the age of 30????

    Does he appreciate that the WTS frowns on people marrying too young, fearing they may not be mature enough to enter into a lifelong relationship, which is to be taken very seriously??

    How then, can a child or youth make such a decision to be bonded to Jehovah "AND HIS ORGANIZATION" ( note that they are viewed as almost one and the same) if he isn't even mature enough in the Society's eyes to make a commitment to marriage????

    And never mind the example of young Samuel, as the JWs may try to argue -- it does not negate the above points.

    Also, do you not have any say in this matter as the child's father? Insist that your son wait until he is at least legal age before making such a decision as to baptism. If his commitment is genuine, it will stand the test of time.... (And the threat of disfellowshipment cannot be weaponized against him before that time! Your son need not be subjected to a "captive organization" while still a minor!)

  • Crazyguy
    I'm still married still live with my wife and kids. I stopped going a couple of years ago but she still does and is as delusional as it comes. Thier was a brother that started studying with two of my boys about the same time I was waking up. I didn't want to come off as a flaming apostate so I let things be and started planting seeds. Planting apparently isn't working, he tells me what I want to hear some times then goes off and is about to do this. I'm sure it pressure from the brothers especially the one studying.
  • Simon

    Getting baptised is a serious commitment with dire and tragic consequences for the MAJORITY of people who do it. If he later decides to leave or someone he loves leaves then that is it - end of contact.

    As he is a minor they have no right to encourage someone to take such a ridiculous decision. Heck, it's a crazy thing to do at any age but especially as a minor.

    He can't drive, buy booze or cigarettes, or do any number of things ... and yet they will hold him to the decision and the impact on your family for the rest of his life.

    Run, run as fast as you can. Tell him it is one of the worst mistakes he could make and he WILL regret it. All the encouragement he's getting will quickly evaporate. Challenge him to test it out - say it isn't the truth and he wants to leave and see how friendly they still are and how many still want to be his friend.

    His baptism is just an achievement - a statistic for someone to brag about.

  • BackSlider

    As the head of the house hold you are able to say "as his father you don't feel he is ready and at this time you are not allowing him to be baptized." If they want to speak with you about your decision let them know this is not up for discussion. You have prayed about it and decided what's best for your child.

    And that is it, let your son hate you for a bit but I wouldn't tell him anything just yet about why, because he is probably very much brainwashed at this moment and will tell them what you said. If you have the money and/or time, start taking him on father son trips and talk to him about how great it is that we live at such an awesome time when crime is at its lowest, life expectancy is at its highest and how we have access to the best medical care there has ever been. Show him how important it is to plan ahead, that even the organization sees that, just look at what they're building in Warwick. Do whatever you can to get him to be excited about life and see the hypocrisy of the so called Happiest people on earth.

  • Lieu
    Any legally binding contracts regarding minor dependants must be agreed to by both parents.
  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury
    We told you this would happen months ago FFS.
  • JWdaughter
    It's not a legally binding contract to anyone but the Borg. Just say no, he is immature and not prepared for the implications. You are the dad and it's your decision.
  • Divergent

    Hey, don't forget the most important thing - that getting baptized is ultimately your son's own personal decision. No one can force him to do anything without his consent. Sit down with him & have a heart to heart talk & find out what he feels & thinks

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