New blood cards came to our hall today

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    Can I add. The advance decision as made available by the organisation is simply a provision. You have the CHOICE whether to fill it in or not. If you feel uncomfortable with it, you dont fill it in. you can even can write out your own advance decision as long as you have a witness to sign it.

    Please check your countries policy on advance decision to refuse medical treatment before signing something you may regret.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    I was looking closely at the new blood card here for Ohio. There's no provision anywhere on the card that states the hospital laison elder would have access to you medical records. I know there was a thread that had the new blood card that stated that, but this one here in Ohio does not. Just FYI, made each state is different.

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    If you choose an elder to be your alternate agent (I presume the primary will be a jw spouse or jw adult child), you are giving them access to your medical wishes.

    What about your agent, if you are unconscious, will they share your info with the BOE?

    HCPOA are mostly for if you cannot act for yourself but are not dead.

    Many jws think that having the elders on your side legally is a good thing. If you know how they treat you now when you are conscious, imagine how they will when you are not.

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    I resurrect this thread because I now have scans of the 2016 'Bloodcard' U K version. This is page 1 ,page 2 on the next post

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  • BluesBrother

    Third post since I cannot write beneath the scan....

    I noted that this new card only refers to whole blood and the big 4 components . It assumes that every dub is willing to accept the fractions, according to the conscience of the G B , not their own.

    If you sign it you give authority over your medical records to the HLC and the elder who acts as "Emergency Contact"

    I am reliably informed that here,at least, they are told to assist publishers in filling in the forms, especially the elderly, and pregnant 'sisters'. They acknowledge that complications can arise... Too many of them have suffered.

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    Wow. Then it seems like the GB wants to let the hospital liaison committee to have access to your medical records if at all possible. Being that the DPA said nothing of the kind here in Ohio, USA, I wonder if maybe there is some kind of Hippa law against that type of language. I'm sure that the GB thinks that if the hospital liaison committee can have access to a JW's medical records that's a good thing because then the committee can further assist them in a "no blood" approach.

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