Other Religious Groups Critical of Higher Education

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  • Wild_Thing

    I was reading an essay online about how Witnesses are critical of higher education and discourage it. The editor's note said there are other conservative religious groups that hold the same view towards education.

    There are? Who? Do any of you know of any religious group that works as hard as the JWs at keeping their members stupid?

    I really am curious.

  • slimboyfat
    The pew research showed JWs are the least educated religious group by some margin.
  • slimboyfat
  • WireRider

    Charles Russell never passed the 7th grade. He didn't like educated people - they ask questions and expect answers.

    Of course there are the reasons that uneducated people are easier to manipulate, All they need is gullible sales people to sell their printing and con others to join. A successful life is not only not required but frowned upon. It creates a false dependency. If you keep the herd at a mental/emotional age of 10 they are a lot easier to control.

  • jhine

    I can only speak for Anglicans from personal experience but we value higher education . Children are encouraged to get the best education they can .

    I can not think of any other group who discourage higher education .


  • slimboyfat
    Maybe the Amish. That's about it. Mormons, Adventists and other comparable groups encourage education.
  • Lieu
    Likely some small church groups in the US South that see learnin' as folly. Also those family "religions" where the guy has several wives and zillions of kids.
  • JustMe2
    The Amish go to school only through the eighth grade, (taught by girls with an eighth grade education). They study English, reading, writing, arithmetic and history. After eighth grade, they (just the boys?) receive vocational education until the age of 15. One reason they don't go to high school is to protect them from the "world".
  • ThinkerBelle
    Maybe the offshoot groups from the Biblr Students like Christadelphians, Dawn, Millelliasts........I don't know enough about them to say for sure or not, but since they follow Russell pretty closely, maybe they discourage it too.
  • xjwsrock

    I knew a lady raised southern Pentecostal that had to leave the church of her youth in order to go to school and become a doctor. It led to and still causes division in the family. Oh and she wears pants. That's a no-no.

    According to her the Pentecostals believe in living a simple modest life centered around the church. Women especially are expected to stay submissive and literally wait on and serve the men of the family.

    Rising up as a woman to the level of doctor and becoming an authority in the professional community is considered rebelling against the bible and making an idol of yourself.

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