You are afraid of children Jehovah witnesses after criminal tragedy in Kerch 2018?

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  • waton
    Jesus did not run away from the crucifixion. He heads his children. P 123 123

    He was on that mission, he also said: "flee to the hills", and Paul;" If they persecute you in one place, go to another". but yeah, the travel budget for wtBtS Inc, executives is ample. supported by the poor's ice cream money.

    the government indoctrinates them with hatred and war propaganda shortly after they're born to this world.sMS

    Yes the Pioneers , like the HJ, imagine if you are excluded as a jw youth, it would drive you to anti-social acts. but nothing excuses Kerch or Christ Church.

  • Pit123123

    Yes Truth. Nothing excuses.
    But the Pioneer mother, running around like crazy for hours, but the son forgot, probably. Here's the result.

    Yes truth. - "flee to the hills", . But why did only a few executives (flee) run away? To manage by phone from a comfortable office in the center of Europe, of course better than to go to the crucifixion. We understand that.

    And ALL please no political. Only about JW. We all need to help people get out of this religion, not a political struggle.
    To talk about policy, please create a new topic. We have to help each other. Otherwise, the JW will be happy that we have discord.

    If you are a friend and comrade. :)

    I don't care about politics.

    The blame for the tragedy in Kerch on JW.

    Jehovah witnesses banned in Russia as an extremist organization on april 2017!......FAIR!

  • stillMS

    The blame for the tragedy in Kerch is solely on Russia that occupied Crimea and has been feeding its inhabitants (including children) with hatred propaganda since then.

    And you sound quite hypocritical in saying 'No politics', and then glorifying/justifying Russian policy/laws against Jdubs, aren't you, #Pit123123?

  • waton
    If you are a friend and comrade. :) pitr. 123123

    Da tawarish, niemetski, woyna ni karasho. (that is all the Russian I learned in 1945.)

    When I spoke of "pioneers" I did not mean the WT full time service but the youth movement in communist / perhaps now eastern countries (see my reference to the HJ). but, Yeah, a jw pioneer mother will keep her kids out of the Putin pioneers, causing sneers.

    Russia is on the roll again, after Koenigsberg it was now Kerch

    Yes, sorry, we need a break with humour from wt and politiks. Mir.

  • gone for good
    gone for good


    That picture could be from any peace loving country's cadet program.

    Those youngsters are not going to become killers just because they know and understand the horrible potential of weaponry - I see some very reflective expressions and body language among a group of kids .

    Ultimately their culture, society and home-life will mold their thinking and values regarding such fearsome potential.

    Mental illness creates a wild card and Pit123123 makes a well known connection between JW indoctrination and elevated levels of mental illness -THAT is a cause for concern as he/she rightly points out.

  • stillMS

    @gone for good

    The picture I've posted here is just an illustration of what actually poses a real threat - a government propaganda of hatred towards other nations, countries, and even civilizations.

    And no, I don't believe countries should not have armies and some kind of army ads (at least not in the world we live in now) - but what's happening in Russia and the territories under Russian occupation (like Crimea) is far beyond what is normal. I know what I'm talking about (and you can google it if you'd like to). Military trainings/events at kindergarten/primary school is not a standalone practice - it's just a small part of the whole modern-day Russia's war-mongering, hate-possessed culture, society, media, etc. So, there's great chance (I'd say 100%) that some of those children will become murderers, and terrorists (optionally wearing army uniform).

    JW indoctrination/harsh practices can definitely trigger/worsen some mentally illness - but it's next to nothing when compared to what Russian gov't/media purposely do to kids' minds.

  • Simon
    Jehovah witnesses banned in Russia as an extremist organization on april 2017!......FAIR!

    You're like the caricature of a Russian troll spreading misinformation aren't you?

    Some tenuous link to JWs and you think that justifies targeting an entire group?

    Be careful what you justify, one day people may justify the goons coming for you.

  • vienne

    Simon, he has all the hallmarks of a typical Russian troll: presumptions without evidence, associations without foundation. Kinda sad.

  • john.prestor
    To the OP: stop while you're behind, you're making a fool of yourself.
  • gone for good
    gone for good

    stillMS /

    yes I see your point. Those kids are pretty young (12-ish?) to have developed an interest in such things on their own. Camping, canoeing, hiking and community service might be more appropriate if the aim was good citizens (Boy scouts/ Girl Guides) rather than Hitler Youth.

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