You are afraid of children Jehovah witnesses after criminal tragedy in Kerch 2018?

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  • Pit123123

    Why are the leaders of the watchtower Corporation modestly silent about this shame Jehovah Witnesses?

    All children Jehovah Witnesses potential terrorist?

    Only NOT politics! Discussion only parenting and leaders position of the watchtower Corporation.

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  • Simon

    Don't forget to take your meds

  • Pit123123

    Thanks Simon for the joke! :) But seriously. Of course, there is a small exaggeration of the image in the question. But the fact remains. Jehovah's witnesses ' parents raised this child.

    children are brought up or not brought up - parents (mother and daddy). or as in Europe now politically correct to say: parent 1 and parent 2.

    Exuse my bad English:

    probably I make spelling and punctuation errors of the text.

  • zeb

    His mother limited his social contacts jw style. Perhaps if he had enjoyed a normal social contact with other youths with all their foibles this event may not have happened..?

    Another loner who had his fuse lit..

    This terrible event will not do any favours for the jw in Russia. Any comments GB..?

  • waton

    Yeah, it said he was taking revenge for the bullying he endured. and being a wt raised outsider can contribute to that, a jw girl was drowned in BC Canada. Bullies bully at there on risk these days. but wielding an automatic rifle would not be a wt response. the kid rebelled against both the bullies and his "peace loving" passive, neutral neutered wt upbringing.

  • Pit123123

    The child brought up and grown in a permanent ban.
    A mentally ill person grows up.

    In childhood, in school, with friends-cannot be day birth. Cannot be new year. You can not to unbelieving grandparents, but who love him very much. Not fairy tale. not TV. not a toy. not book. Not movies. Nothing. ALL everything is forbidden. “white crow”. - as they say in Russia. Only on peas naked knees to pray.

    Adult people are not always able to withstand this pressure.

    Children-should be children but not religious slave and robot.

    A small child begins to understand that he is bad. His parents are bad and terrible. This causes moral and mental trauma.

    He sees how badly the elders treat his mom and dad. And here is the result. You think the problem is national territory? No. The problem is international, Global, in the education of Jehovah's witnesses.

  • Pit123123
    This terrible event will not do any favours for the jw in Russia. Any comments GB..?

    The horror is that the brothers are forbidden to talk about it. I tried. They accused me or any of lying. Since there is no information on the official website. But public opinion uses for information not sites watchtower!

    Jehovah witnesses banned in Russia as an extremist organization on april 2017!

  • smiddy3

    Did this tragedy get anything like the news coverage we are seeing with the NZ tragedy ?

    I don`t recall seeing this before .?

  • Pit123123

    All leadership (after ban) Russian branch, escaped abroad. To you in Europe and America. On the ground left to suffer only the poor (i.e. fair) and useless brothers and sisters. Can such an organization be called in the name of God?

    I don't condemn runaways. Everyone saves their own skin as they can. But why do leaders run? And subordinates were left to fend for themselves. Hypocrisy.

    Jesus did not run away from the crucifixion. He heads his children.

    Jehovah witnesses banned in Russia as an extremist organization on april 2017! FAIR!

  • stillMS

    I'd rather say, children in modern Russia are potential terrorists - since the government indoctrinates them with hatred and war propaganda shortly after they're born to this world.

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