questions for those who were once elders

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  • enoughisenough

    desirous of change "Elders are also the "glorious ones". Best not speak poorly of the "glorious ones". That's grounds for DFing." I was set up once. The elders were trying to get a reason to axe me. I got a call from an elder in a congregation next state over. He knew of somethings going down in my life, but not sure exactly the how of that. Anyway, I was a bit suspicious of his call. In course of conversation, he ask Me, " are the elders there doing you any good?" --clearly a fishing expedition to get the goods on me for speaking against the "glorious ones". I was on to him! I said, "No, but they aren't doing me any harm either."

  • no-zombie

    When I was an elder, I definitely understood that the congregational elders were the stars in Jesus' hand. However I don't recall it being spoken much of these days and I believe that the reason is not scriptural but rather political. By this I mean, the GB has clearly consolidated all power into its office, and the idea that Jesus may actually 'deal with' or 'hold special' local elders, without mentioning the 'faithful slave' in that verse, doesn't support their narrative.

    Its just a thought.

  • BluesBrother

    Yes , I heard that,.. ( the angels thing) never believed it…

    I do think it made some elders feel superior if they were prone to think that

    It's totally untrue of course, we were always supposed to be humble, not like clergy…..

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