Should the 'other sheep' partake? An 'alien resident' parallel

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    refiners fire

    That is pretty good stuff Art. Im impressed. That is, for a non believer Im impressed . Those scriptures are so good Ive printed the post out to file it. Maybe I will try them on my dub who is studying with me. Ive lined him up for a fall next time he comes, I told him today that Id been on the internet and made contact with some guy who used to be a dub, this guy has "leant me a couple of dub prophecy books" from the 70s that Im "looking at". lol. The dub had an absolute fit that I was talking to ex dubs, he told me if I wanted any old books he would bring them and look thru them with me. I guess I'll hit him with some 'false prophet' revelations next time he rolls up and get rid of him.

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    The WTS tries to get around this by saying that the circumcised alien residents could not become priests (had to be born in the tribe of Levi) or king (had to be born an Israelite).

    How did this not shut out the Gentile Christians since they had not been born into the Israelite nation. That is why Jesus used the analogy of lopping of the natural branches and grafting in the wild branches. This shows that tribal connections were not a requirement to be a spiritual Israelite. So the restrictions on the alien residents are not considered an exact type, allowing Gentile Christians to become spirit-anointed followers of Christ.

    The WTS uses this but then turns around and says that the Passover is not an exact type of the Memorial because the Jews did not eat the blood of the lamb. Thus the alien residents partaking of the passover has no connection with the Memorial and the other sheep partaking. Christians did not eat Jesus blood, only drank a representation of it. Otherwise, they would be violating Acts 15:28,29.

    Why does anything have to be an exact type? The WTS picks and chooses what they want from the Law Covenant to apply to the 144,000. It was better when everyone attended and partook. Because the WTS chose to make the number 144,000 a literal number, they had to quickly adjust to the large numbers over 50,000 that were attending by 1935. So they closed the door (which had previously been closed in 1881) to any more "new" anointed.

    Once again, the WTS applies points from the Law covenant when it suits their viewpoint.


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    Sorry for my delay in replying, I have been off-line for a few days.
    Gumby: your toaster is in the mail!
    John: Thanks for sharing those experiences regarding your 'sermon in the park'! I related it to my wife this evening, we both had a good laugh! Keep up the good work!
    RF: Thanks for the compliment you heathen!! LOL. I hope you enjoy your 'new light' ;-)
    Blondie: Thanks for that extra input from the WTS and your rebuttal of it. You are right on when you say that "Once again, the WTS applies points from the Law covenant when it suits their viewpoint."


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    Only if you're not going out to eat afterwards. Tends to ruin the appetite.

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