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  • Wagurl

    This is "Return to Jehovah video" from this weeks meeting. What do you think? The use fear to gain more people back in the truth? What are your thoughts? It's like 20 minutes by the way.

    Here is link below

  • Dagney

    AHA! A friend who left 2-3 years ago texted me today and said he had a text from a JW couple we both have known for many years. They wanted to know how he is coping with these "crazy times." So I see they are probably motivated to contact by this week's meeting.

    I told him at least they were thinking about him. A chance to count some time since the cart work is no longer.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    What they dont say is why they havent retirned to jehovah. They regularly go beyond what is written.

    The meetings are boring. Doctrine is constantly changing. You cannot use your own head. Not that my head is always right either.

    An example is: I am able bodied, have free time, and a truck. Do you think they will ask me to do any relief work? Aside that I do not meet their definition of spiritual, I might give a sandwich to the non in neighbors.

  • Smiles

    Fear mongering!

    For over 140 years Watch Tower has been unremorseful in manipulating "sheeplike people" through Fear, Obligation, Guilt, F.O.G.

    Watch Tower GB are now outright shameless in the use of these culty FOG tactics.

    "The End" has always been "near" according to Watch Tower, and the "faithful discreet slave" has been wrong every time.

    So these weird dramatizations and GB videos and just the same old Sh!# from different false prophets.

  • LongHairGal


    I suppose you are still active in the religion. You should NEVER concern yourself how you are viewed..I’m sure you’re more charitable than most in the kingdom hall..I never concerned myself that I didn’t meet the JW religion’s definition of being ‘spiritual’ 🙄, since I worked full time.

    Their definition of spiritual was some stupid drudge that went around doing favors for the Users. But, most of the drudges I saw had family in the ‘truth’ and a place to live OR a husband supporting them. So, they weren’t harmed by being stupid!

    But, I was on my own and HAD to look out for myself. I would not be Retired if I hadn’t.

  • WTWizard

    And the solution is to give away all your money to some greedy entity that works to enslave all of us? And waste all of our business-creating, food-buying time spreading coronavirus door to door? They are part of the problem, not the solution.

  • sir82

    I thought it was pretty funny, after all the "It's urgent! Urgent I say! Now is the time to return! No time to waste! NOW! NOW! NOW!!!!!!!" comments.... the very end, you see "Copyright 2015"....

    Huh. I guess it wasn't quite so "urgent" after all.

    I dunno, maybe it's me, but after 141 years of Watchtower messages of "Soon! Urgent! Soon! Urgent!", the sense of urgency seems rather....un-urgent.

  • Wagurl

    @Sir82 Oh my goodness I didn't see that OMGHHHHHHH I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER TBH

  • sir82
  • Finkelstein

    The WTS/JWorg. has used tactics of maligning coercion or fear mongering for decades, not only to draw attention to its published literature but to lure people to the organization by propagating false doctrines thereby outwardly exploiting the basic public belief in the bible.

    Yes if you become one the devoted members of the baptized JWS you will be seen by god(Jehovah) as one who is truly righteous who will most likely not be killed at the great judgement day of Armageddon.

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