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  • hillary_step

    If you question a person and they glance to the right as they speak, the chances are that they are telling the truth. If they glance to the left, you apparently according to the Metroplolitan Police training manual, have a liar in your hands.

    HS - Glancing along the centre...

  • pr_capone

    I am quite good at catching liars. I was a professional one during my career as a JW. Not only that but I have a sixth sence when it comes to people. I can tell their moods and the like.

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  • Valis

    I think it depends what the lie is about...small things I don't care about so it usually just goes right by me, but many time like w/my students I know if they are pulling my chain...they are either sincere about a problem they have or they give me something along these lines "Um I didn't do my work because an asteroid hit my mom"....*LOL* sorry little bastards..I have found that among GOOD friends lying is most futile because the lie has to become so complex so as to cover all the bases so you don't get busted the game is usually too much and the dance is over quickly, especially when everyone knows everyone else and the details of their business all come together in bits and pieces....eheh I also happen to hang out w/a bunch of people that like to go fishing and talk about needing waders! Not for the water either...*LOL* The bullshit factor goes off the hook sometimes, small joke eheh, so maybe that is lying or maybe just part of the game...


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  • Joyzabel

    I thought this thread was about Dede, too!

    Prisca, wasn't it Mark Twain that said (in his old age) "Don't believe anything you read and half of what you see".

    I'm sure the experts can tell when someone is lying. That's their job. I've heard about the shifty eyes before.



  • Valis
    Prisca, wasn't it Mark Twain that said (in his old age) "Don't believe anything you read and half of what you see".
    The older I get, the less likely I am to believe everything I see or hear.

    *LOL* joy and Prisca...I think you guys just need hearing aides and trifocals...*LOL*


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  • safe4kids
    I've heard about the shifty eyes before.

    Darnit Joy! Sure is gonna be hard to be around you now...not being able to even blink or nuffin!

    Dana (of the "I thought this was about Dede too" class)

  • xenawarrior

    LOL- I thought this was about Dede too. Until I read that it was really about lying and then I knew it couldn't be about her !!!

    Lying is one thing that I detest. I guess I have never understood what is so difficult about telling the truth. And I'm not talking about the little white lies that help to save someone's hurt feelings from time to time. I have always told my daughter that if she does something she wasn't supposed to -yes, there will be consequences for her actions and her choices but if she lies about it the consequences will be much more severe. And she comes to me and tells me the truth- I've seen it in situations where she could easily have lied and I wouldn't have known the difference. Yeehaa !! She feels safe to tell the truth- that is a huge thing for me. She's still a kid and she has some road to travel yet but I think she has some good things going for her with honesty.

    I have seen folks lie- here too- where things just don't match up in their "stories". You read something and you think- "But didn't you say something different a couple of weeks ago?" Add a bunch of those "stories" up and you have a liar. But as long as folks continue to believe the stories they spin and give them the attention they pathetically seek with their lies, they will continue to do it. Here it makes me even more irritated because the folks who come here have, for the most part- been lied to by a major force in their life - for most of their lives. And they come for solace and some friendship and run into a couple of folks who make stuff up as they go along and lie to them some more.

    People want to feel safe in their relationships with others. Lying is a violation of the trust the liar received from another person and is -like I've said in other posts about this- stealing a piece of that person in addition to lying.

    But ya know what? What goes around always comes around. And eventually the person's lies catch up to them. Like a house of cards toppling.

    Like Scootergirl has said she tells her kids-- "Tell the truth and you won't have to remember anything"

    Lying sucks !!!! And so do liars !!!

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  • Mac
    XW of the "having a bad day" class


    C'mon girlie.....give me a smile, you know you want to.

    *tickles xenawarrior*


  • obiwan

    Body language can reveal alot, I'm really good at being able to tell the difference. Sometimes even predict a persons next move.....why that doesn't work as well with women I'm not sure.

  • TheStar

    Gawd don't even get me started in this thread!

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