Beroean Pickets- please offer encouragement

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  • dubstepped

    How was he not disfellowshipped already? This shouldn't be a surprise. I'm sorry it's coming to this as it isn't pleasant, but it should be expected.

  • Finkelstein

    Eric is just like many people who got lured into the WTS/JWS by its doctrines, such as Jesus has returned and taken his place in heaven in 1914.

    "This Generation" doctrine and many others but started to realized these were doctrines set up to enhance literature proliferation not true and accurate bible interpretations.

    To stay close to the words and instructions of Jesus you cant possibly be a JWS.

  • Lightgrowsbrighter

    Agreed dub. I hope this one gives the WT a lot of negative publicity as the org cannot prove him wrong from the Bible. Only for having the nerve to publicly point out false Bible teachings from the Bible. Could backfire on the org big time.

  • dubstepped

    Most people don't know who Eric is. I know of him and read his stuff early on before becoming atheist but I seriously doubt this is going to cause waves of negative publicity or backfire on them big time. He's not thar important in the grand scheme of things, just like I'm not, neither are any of as activists. The people in the cult don't know or care who we are. 99.9%of the world outside doesn't care biut us particularly either. So I'm not sure how this is going to make much impact outside of Eric and those adjacent to him.

    I'm glad he's done what he's done. It's helped people. Maybe there's someone that follows his work that this pushes over the edge to leave the cult. If so, great! But people run around acting like this or that minor thing is going to bring the Borg down. Not even close. They got away with 1975 and overlapping generations. This is nothing.

  • Finkelstein

    Will Eric's endeavors and the Borenean Pickets break down the WTS/JWS ?

    No but he does offer a bit of clarification of the wrongly devised doctrines made by the WTS., who realistically were novice bible theologians who propagated their set doctrines through the publishing house they ran.

    Corruption and commercialism go hand in hand.

  • john.prestor

    Just a couple thoughts: whether the guy seeks followers or not, he's got followers in a sense. I'm against disfellowshipping and all that nonsense but that doesn't change the fact that people listen to him, and honestly, good for him and good for them, they find meaning in his words, he should be proud of that.

    Overall though i gotta agree with dubstepped: this won't change a thing.

  • careful

    I agree with nowwhat? I'm surprised too that it's taken years for them to clamp down on dissenters like Eric from within the ranks, especially those who attract others who are also in-house.

    Of course, this will have no negative repercussions in the world at large, and the org will keep going just fine.

  • newsheep

    For us it took two years and for friends of ours it took seven years of not going to the meetings as well before the elders did anything. Their crime was someone had mentioned at the doors that our friends would come over and study the bible with them in their home. Because it wasn't trash but open bible study and discussion in a private home(with 40-60 others) they got df'd. Their crime was that they included the hebrew scriptures which the joho's say were completely done away with. They wanted to keep the sabbath and partake. I guess the scripture where it reads let no man judge you whether it be a sabbath or full moon took out of their doctrinal teachings as well. It pissed the elders off when they wouldn't go to their df meeting and when the elders asked this other couple that our friends were studying with if they were learning anything the person said they were learning lots. H ere in the southern Ontario the elders are more lazy so the more shepherding calls they make they more time they can count the longer they will wait it out to dfing someone.

  • Lightgrowsbrighter

    Agreed that on the grand scheme this action against Eric will not bring down the org. But I do think it will make sincere Bible students (sorry for the retro reference there...) still in who may dare venture outside of the org to take note of a Judicial Action against a Brother for simply pointing out, from the Bible, false JW teachings. Who's REALLY apostate, men who demand your lock-step allegiance (the GB), or a man simply pointing out false teachings while not looking for or wanting followers?

  • EdenOne

    His website was instrumental for my waking up in a time where I still had respect for the Bible as a godly book. The articles he wrote were very well written, well researched and well reasoned and there was a benevolent tone to them, which made them very persuading and attractive to read, albeit sometimes a bit too long.

    That he is being chased by the congregation as an apostate is no surprise at all. I hope all goes well with Eric / Meleti.

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