The fate of all of Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • EverApostate

    I would imagine how JWs would be in another 100 years. Almost all of today’s JW zealots would be long gone, having strived for nothing. Same cultist practices would prevail then, with a lot of revision and changes. Truth of today would be considered Silly and "Apostate" ish, just like how today's JWs consider the "truth" of CT Russel. But for sure, same doomsday message would be prevalent among them, since that is their driving force..

  • Spiral

    I can't even imagine JWs being around in 100 years. Time will tell.

    But, like other religions, faith is just hoping that what you believe is true. Once you're dead, you find out. Unless, of course, once you're dead, you are just dead, in which case it was all a waste, but you don't know.

    It's like a really bad gamble at the casino.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Cold steel, I suggest that prophecy is an idiot's game. It is part of the great spiritual con trick, a wrong idea embedded in the human cultural consciousness from time immemorial. It's time to question such primitive notions. Prophecy is a tool of religious mind control.

    Yes EverApostate, what a devastating waste of human time and talent courtesy of the Watchtower-JW-Org! Millions deceived out of a proper life by them and dying unrewarded while the Org gets richer and richer.

    Spiral, joining JWs is a very poor bet; how many of the what! 20 million JWs who have ever lived, have been given a reward as promised by the Org? The only winnings have been 20 million booby prizes.

    It must be happening more and more that JWs are waking up to the reality that they have been in an awful cult. They have had their lives stolen from them because of their own bad decision to become (or remain) a member.

    Imagine, (if you haven't already experienced it yourself) the tragedy of a middle aged or old JW upon awakening, feels condemned to putting on the appearance of being a believer for the sake of family, for rest of his or her life! It takes a lot of courage to leave the cult.

    We only get one life and if you're not careful, Jehovah's Witnesses are out to steal it!

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Just to add..........they not only want your whole life but given the slightest chance and without scruple, they will also grab your family's inheritance money as well.

    Wakey wakey Jehovah's Witnesses!

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