report from vomitville and financials

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  • oppostate

    Wow! And by U.S.A. standards, that the WT only expects that small amount per head is quite low, some Circuits here are twice that, in my experience (in New England)!

  • Spiral


    Hi all,

    I attended a circuit arsesemblancey today. Melbourne, Melton arsembley hall. Western suburbs area.

    1. Re hearing negative reports in the media about jws. the classic first excuse offered was, " would you entertain a negative report about your spouse?" You love your spouse so you know it's wrong". "Then we must remember that jehovah is backing his people and if there is anything to correct jehovah will fix it in his own time". "So if stories like these are affecting us here are two scriptures to help us,,, Ps 94:19,,, Phil 4:6,7".

    Sooooooo...... if your spouse is a criminal you look the other way, because you love them? And that makes them NOT a criminal? (Or a pedophile, specifically, in some cases.)

    Like that's how it really works.

    And they've been saying "Jehovah will fix "X" problem in his own time" for decades. Nothing ever gets fixed.

  • steve2

    The analogy of not listening to reports about your spouse is daft. Okay - if these reports persisted and my spouse got extremely defensive and evasive about the reports and started slandering the messengers, I much just begin to wonder, Is there anything in those reports?

    Same with reports JWs might hear about the organization: I wouldn’t expect them to drop everything and Investigate. But over time I might look at the content of the message and use my critical reasoning skills.

  • zeb

    spouse? they have to bring relationships in to everything.

    One of the last small conventions i attended the same thing happened where $$ were to be sent off to the US and this while local congs needed funds for kh work. I thought then that some one (ie elders) were just big noting themselves, but of it was about the gb letting blood from these very ordinary working people or pensioners none of who were on anything like a big income.

    I dont know how the gb can lie straight in bed after the things they do.

  • WTWizard

    Not my problem if they are irresponsible in giving. They might have been in a position to donate $10,000 if they had $110,000 in their account. But, to put the a$$embly in a deficit in anticipation of more donations is totally irresponsible. If I was going to donate to this, and heard that they had stupidly sent this amount of money toward the worldwide enslavement work, I would simply keep the money. That irresponsible act would blow my donation.

    Let them go broke.

  • Diogenesister

    Let the elders who voted to send off the $10000 to HQ (no doubt for their own brownie points) make up the shortfall themselves.

  • ohnightdivine

    I smelled something was amiss with how the WT/GB handles the monetary donation of its members. So, I think I haven't contributed a cent for the past 7 years.

  • Gayle

    " would you entertain a negative report about your spouse?" You love your spouse so you know it's wrong"

    See how the GB twist such things!!! They turn on anyone who question them (GB); as suggesting if the spouse "loves" their spouse they would not have to be concerned about any accusation. Crazy illustration when there have been millions of lying, unfaithful marriage partners who have needed to be questioned!

  • zeb

    Ok I have to buy in on this spouse thing.

    Where else would you get a negative report but from within the cong..right? AS JW ONLY ASSOCIATE WITH OTHER JW THIS HAS TO BE TRUE.

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