Lets be honest we will never expose the danger to the world of JW.org

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  • Spiral

    I agree most of the world could care less about the JWs. What little notice they get will fade over time and I think they'll just fade away. Where the money goes that they have, that's a different issue.

    But - for people being emotionally harmed by abuse or by family that are in the cult, a forum like this is priceless. The harm the bOrg does on a daily basis right now is real to many people.

  • jwleaks

    Contrary to popular assumptions alot of JWs in Australia watched the proceedings of the Australian Royal Commission, and were fully aware of the lies coming from the JW heavyweights Jackson, O'Brien, Spinks and Toole.

    The disgust of many JWs towards each of these lying men-of-god ("mogs" or "moggy" ie a moggy elder is an elder lacking religious pedigree or morals) has caused large divisions in congregations and families and have created many an inactive one. The effects will last a generation.

  • opusdei1972

    I think that films like this can produce a great impact in people who ignore the witness' cult:


    So, I think that ex-witnesses could do an effort in influencing film producers with stories exposing the Watchtower Society.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    jwleaks: I'am happy to hear that living in the US no idea. That's great for the Australia

    JW's, "large divisions", I love it. I'am feeling much better now.

  • smiddy

    James Mixon ,please dont dismiss the ARC as being a fizzer just yet , as it`s not over until about the middle of 2017 when it`s report is finalised..

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    smiddy: I'am holding my breath, maybe the walls will crack. I hope for the day my

    JW family call me and ask, what have you learned about JW.Org we are ready to listen.

    Spiral: agree 100%...." A forum like this is priceless."

  • zeb

    Go to the Australian Royal Commission site and see the latest that many organisations have submitted 'programs' of what they will be doing on the matter of child abuse. Unless the wts has asked for and gained anonymity then they have not submitted any such program.

    Dr Monica Applewhite the 'expert' witness called in by wt to support them was given some months ago additional time to recompile her report to the ARC but despite that I am on the email list of the ARC I never heard any more of it. But there are reasons I am sure. But it would make interesting reading. I take a quiet pride in my input to the ARC on behalf of those injured and those who 'lambs' who are unable to put to words what they would say.

    Spiral, I agree and with you and James Mixon that this forum is..... priceless. It is valuable to those who seek help and like myself those who have been grievously wounded and are able by professional qualifications able to help others.

    I pity the older ones who have sunk their lives into the rituals of the wts with no resource or ability to question or to dig deep as we have today with the internet. For those not old who deny themselves the internet then they are wilfully ignorant and have joined a company that by its own predictions is going to see prosecution for which they will cry 'Persecution'!

    The final report of the ARC is not due for a long time yet and its recommendations will go to the federal govt of the day here in Australia. I am yet amazed withth e inquiry here in Australia and the sister inquiry going in the the UK that the US has not launched something similar. Perhaps once the presidential election business is over then something may occur.

    Like as we say this site is... priceless

  • LevelThePlayingField

    I agree with the comments as far as that the ARC has made an impact. I think that here in the US there hasn't been much of an impact. But I DO think that the internet in general has been making inroads the whole time. People are curious by nature and some of them click on that site that says Jwfacts.com or something to that effect. They just do, and then, bam! Don't give up and don't give in James, there are inroads in the making.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    What kind of reception would you expect the world to have of JWs in a world rocked by ISIS? They make the JWs look trivial by comparison. By being trivial they are not worth noting by the world.

  • scratchme1010

    James, today scandal is an asset in some circles, look at celebrities and politicians today and see if they have any real care for what is morally correct (which is debatable, anyway).

    So yes, I share some concerns about what you post, but at the same time, there is in fact awareness, there's not a lot of regard for organizations like the WT, especially in developed countries where information flows fast and it's easily accessible.

    The WT is not going to disappear, and it will continue harming children as they cannot care less about children, but there is a lot more awareness today and because of some of those events.

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