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  • Italiancalipso

    Hi all,

    I'm not totally new here, as I'm reading since some time...then I tried to sign up but had some technical issue with the email,eventually recovered....

    I'm from North italy, for your info from the region where the covid is worse. I'm male, generation millennial(...unfortunately not the overlapped generation :))) ) ..sorry to don't go in so much details, but I'm PIMO ;)

    Hope I can contribute to this community and help as much I got from You guys...

    Have nice weekend!



  • User99

    Welcome, Italiancalipso!

  • LV101

    Welcome aboard, Italiancalipso - you'll love this site. Look forward to hearing about JW life in northern Italy and COVID. I've an adult child who attended meetings in northern Italy and Rome couple decades ago - mid 2,000s (maybe). Love northern Italy - been on several flights into Milan.

  • Giordano

    A big welcome Italiancalipso!

    I am a second generation Italian raised in Queens New York. A neighborhood that was a mix of Italians, Irish and Jews. Everyone got along just fine.

    Mom who grew up with the Spanish flu, diseases like cancer, heart conditions...... wanted a religion that could offer life......... she selected the JW's. "Many now living may never die!"

    I obeyed the rules of being a practicing JW and took a pass on college and instead choose to pioneer where the need was great.

    I am not going to complain..... as i met my future wife there. After we married my feelings about the legitimacy of the JW construct came into serious doubt. My bride had no doubts as she told me one night,,,,,,,the JW religion was pure bull shit.

    We planned our escape and left the congregation. We moved and moved again. Friendships I grew up with were lost and close family who couldn't see the evil the Society represented ......stopped speaking to us ....which was actually just fine. It's nice to know that free thinking is not a sin

    We left in the mid 1960's, never looked back and it turned out to be the best thing we ever did.

    This under educated & obedience prone religion is reckless with the health and welfare of it's members (the blood ban for one)....has needlessly killed thousands including my sister and my wife's mother. They get to cause the death of thousands of people because they use fear to get their way. If close friends and close family members understand the rules they know they will be shunned in return if they actively speak to those who no longer believed in the JW word and world view.

    In my opinion the end of the JW's is at hand.

    The Law suits re their pedophile problem is draining their funds.

    67% of born-ins Pew Survey) leave the religion mostly because it is a 19th century construct. It's no longer cutting it's mostly whining..... where are the new ones?

    Their followers are aging and dying........... waiting in vain for an Armageddon that was mentioned just once in the bible.

    A 'paradise earth' is not mentioned anywhere in the bible.

    A witness for Jesus was mentioned over twenty times in the New Testament. A witness of Jehovah was mentioned just once in the old Testament.

    You are on a journey we have all made The only thing that makes your journey different is the terrain you will cross and what you will be open to learning.

    We are not dependent on any leader or person. You get to make the decisions for your future.

  • smiddy3

    Molto bene grazie ,Giordano

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Benvenuto nel quartiere Italiancalipso.

  • Italiancalipso

    Thx for the warm welcome! Not so much to say about the Covid, the lockdown hopefully is at end for the 4th may and more open shops the 18th may. But let see....economically it is a disaster at country level...personally I'm employed and I'm fine for now.

    Regarding the JW life as PIMO it wasn't never so good!!! Meeting only via zoom, no preaching in the field...

    Anyway I'm PIMO since several years now, but as in my family all are too much brainwashed, and no hope so far to wake up, I need to continue to live somehow the JW goal is to try to wake up some of them. In the meantime I said to myself: why don't enjoy what is good in JW? So I focus in the relationship with people around in the congregation, and try to help them. This gave me a lot of relief in this situation and make me happy.

    This help me also in recognize some patterns that lead people to be blind regarding the TTATT.

    I hope is near the JW Armageddon...I mean for them as organization :)...but I'm not confident, that's why I will continue to fight to wake up friends and family.

    Stay safe & "mangiate bene"


  • All or nothing
    All or nothing

    Welcome Italiancalipso! I love your name! My grandmother immigrated from Italy a long time ago- so maybe we are distant cousins! Lol It is very hard to be PIMO, that is why we are now POMO. I do agree with your positive way to look at it. What does mangiate bene mean? Be good? Lol

  • Italiancalipso

    Mangiate bene= eat good

    As Italian one of the main goal in life is to eat very well all the time :)

    That's the reason it is a good advice and greeting for all the time :)

    Happy to see so much people with roots in Italy! The Mafia is growing! ;)

    Anyway I really love the idea to speak with so many people around the world, as I think each culture can give me something more to grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually...

  • All or nothing
    All or nothing

    I should have known that was what it meant- I love to travel and meet people from all over the world- when we are open minded we can learn from everyone! We always speculated we were connected to the mafia! Lol we just made homemade pasta this week and going to try homemade pizza soon, yum!

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