(Not so) Subliminal Shave Your Beard Message

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  • Funchback

    I don't know, John Davis.

    It could be the vibes you are sending out. For example:

    • When you say things like "Again I am not trying to defend Watchtower or JWs and I am Bi myself" or "I am not defending JWs but...", you send out the Richard Oliver vibe (ex-poster who often used the same style, including using the word 'Watchtower' instead of the org, borg, WT, JWs, Watchtower org. And not even "The Watchtower". Just Watchtower, like it's a person's name). And, Richard Oliver said he was gay. You both post about court cases as well.
    • Then there's this response regarding child abuse: "It is a sad thing that people hurt children but those people are still human and need to be punished for their hurting someone else but they still need to be treated like humans". You have the right to your opinions. Still, try saying that to the face of a parent whose child has been raped.
    • I haven't gone through all of your posts, but the ones I have looked at all have a pro-JW responses or spins. Except for the "Asian women, also I am a bit Bi so Asian guys too. Short and small. I don't like big on any part of a partner's body. And it is weird but a nice calf is what kills me." Your calf comment was funny and original.
  • John Davis
    John Davis

    Well, I am not Richard Oliver. IDK how to prove it but I will try. As you presented that name I looked up his comments and we may have some stuff in common we are extremely different. I have been trying to highlight how evil Watchtower is, and I am learning how to help people to realise that. All I meant in this discussion was I personally don't see the big deal, probably again because I don't want a beard and never want one again, I didn't dispute anything with anyone. They voiced their opinion and I didn't say anything.

  • stuckinarut2

    So are we saying that Conchita from Eurovision wouldn't be an acceptable witness?

    Image result for conchita
  • stuckinarut2

    It is still amazing that the society has taken the stand of correcting the ALMIGHTY GOD by showing that he made a mistake when creating males to grow facial hair.

    "Bad God! Bad God! Now go to your room without dinner! And don't come out until you realise that men should not have been made to grow hair on their faces!"

  • steve2

    People, John Davis has had these kinds of exchanges about beards with other posters in other threads and far more persuasive arguments criticizing JW organization's policy have been adduced and he has flicked them to one side with the brandishing ease of a seven-blade shaver.

    I unreservedly apologize and should have checked the facts before making the above comment.

    I mistakenly thought that earlier posts defending JW organization's policy on beards were by John Davis. However, after now taking the time to check, I can say the earlier posts were by, not John Davis but a poster by the name of Drearyweather.

    Again, my apologies. I will be more careful in future.

  • steve2

    Double post

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    I remember that I wasn't able to shave for like 2 months and the CO saw me and scolded me for it and that pushed my appointment as a servant by like 2 years till the new CO came in and appointed me. I was actually really happy that I shaved it, again it was too itchy and never wanted one again.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    Saw it last night. The guy was genuine in wanting to change his bad ass ways. Fair plays to him. The shaving the beard thing just had to be put in subtly didn't it. Oh well, Rutherford still lives!!

  • sparky1

    GOVERNING WEASELS ...........................AVERAGE JOE WITNESS

  • Diogenesister

    John DaviesThere are employers who make rules like that. If you want to be part of an organisation and they have a rule like that, you have to follow the rule.

    Funchback !!! And you are correct when saying the Watchtower is an employer. A publishing company, actually

    Oh LOL! JW's love their "illustrations" and this one hit the nail on the head!!!!

    The Watchtower Organization has always been an employer - a publishing corporation actually - and like any employer it makes up the rules.

    *Business dress code is essential to maximize financial returns*.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * -* *

    Personally, I think the GB has a pathological inability to say it was wrong. Perhaps because they have had to publicly change their minds so many times in the BIG things, its just too painful to do a U-TURN on the small things. That's my tupence worth, anyway 😉

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