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  • millie210

    Hi stuck! thanks.

  • Holden Caufield
    Holden Caufield

    This place has helped to grow as a person in so many positive ways. Thank you all.

  • sparky1

    "Desirous of change commented on the "signature" thread that signing one's real-life name, one's "signature", at the end of a post makes one seem more real in an otherwise anonymous setting" - compound complex. Actually, my real name is Mark but almost everyone calls me Sparky in my day to day dealings and I find using my 'nickname' here seems to be more personal and intimate than just being plain, old Mark. When I PM different ones here, I usually sign my real full name and also Sparky so the person can address me back any way that is comfortable for them. But I like the different 'nicknames' here such as 'compound complex' or 'millie210' or 'Village Idiot' or 'Blues Brother' because I feel that each poster is showing a more personal, intimate, quirky side of their personality by identifying themselves this way. Just my 2cents........

  • Chook

    We all here are the best of a bad bunch due to having no conditional friendships based on the seven apostles saying who we can only play and eat with

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