I found the WTBTS 990-T's Income Tax Returns for 2010-2013, and it shows their book value of all their assets

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  • LevelThePlayingField

    There are two sources online to get these pdfs. Here they are:

    https://www.citizenaudit.org/111857820/ lists 2010-2013 ( I would prefer this link because it's the most up to date)

    http://www.guidestar.org/ViewPdf.aspx?PdfSource=0&ein=11-1857820 lists 2010-2012

    Book value of all assets at end of year: (can be found on the 990-T for on top left on 1st page)

    2010 965,800,000

    2011 1,119,118,000 +153,318,000

    2012 1,154,503,000 +35,385,000

    2013 1,020,441,000 -134,062,000

    Net +54,641,000

    The TPF 11-A LP company that they invested in comes back to Tenaska Capital Management LLC out of Omaha, NE. This is from their "About Us" part of their web page: Tenaska is one of the largest private, independent energy companies in the United States, with a proven record of success in development, design, construction, operation and financing of electric generating facilities and in energy marketing...Tenaska’s experienced professionals are leaders in all aspects of energy production, marketing and financial management. As a private, independent company, Tenaska has the expertise, the resources and the flexibility to meet North America’s evolving energy needs.

    Tenaska is an established leader in:

    This diverse base offers customers the advantage of expertise across the energy spectrum, leveraging strengths that include logistics, capital solutions and conservative risk management.

    Tenaska’s people are known throughout the industry for fair and ethical dealing and as early adapters able to respond rapidly to changing markets. They are behind Tenaska’s well-documented reputation for providing safe, reliable electricity; for being environmentally and socially responsible; and for demonstrating dedication and commitment to the communities where it does business.

    Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, Tenaska has regional offices in Dallas, Texas; Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Denver, Colorado; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Boston, Massachusetts.



    The Cushing MLP Opportunity Fund 1 LP is a private company in Dallas, TX. I called them and left a message stating I am "interested" in investing in the fund, to try and see what the funds portfolio is about.


    Very telling. Your thoughts?

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    Isnt this only one of the JW entities?
  • sir82
    Yeah, for which corporation is this? The Watchtower uses dozens, although WTBTS Pennsylvania and WTBTS New York are (I believe) the largest.
  • bafh
    Interesting they show a huge loss in 2013. I'd be interested to see what 2014 looks like....and I'd like to see if any of the "loss" is related to any other entity they control.
  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Well if losses have been trending it explains the plea and manipulation for money doesn't it?

    Thats huge loss when you think about it. They have what, 7 years left? lol

  • bafh
    why do all their tax returns only report their "investment activities" and not the donations received?
  • Finkelstein

    I think the Borg is just trying to pick up and enhance the profits it was accumulating a few years ago and that's why

    the cry for more money now.

    Money that they wanted to spend on new modern facilities such as Warwick, New York and the new branch facilities in the UK.

    It isn't because they are broke its more in reality that they just want more to serve their own means. $$$

    Back in a couple years ago the WTS got drunk on money upon selling most of its properties in Brooklyn New York. They liked that feeling, now they want to get drunk again.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Optimist: Watchtower MUST be hurting for money. Look at all the downsizing and begging for money.

    Pessimist: NO WAY they are hurting. They just sold property worth half a billion with half a billion more to go and they get a billion a year in donations. Appearing to be hurting is only a ploy to get more donations.

    Antagonist: We will never know. So just STFU about it.

    Conspiracist: What about the billions of dollars those Gilead missionaries got caught with on the Swiss/Italian border, and the secret tunnels under Brooklyn?

  • oppostate


    Thanks for the site and info. Great resource.


    The PA Corp is "Watch Tower" with a space. The NY one is "Watchtower".


    Old CO Rokus just about had a tantrum because the local BOE didn't know the difference.

    But not just NY there must be dozens of WT corps in the States. Like in FL and in CO, etc.


    Then there's the...


    and the...


    And there's all kinds of charities, insurances, funds, foundations and trusts at:


  • gda
    i hope they crash and burn

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